Sewing Fundamentals

Flip Flop upcycle

Sewing Upcycle: DIY Sandals from Flip-Flops

By Linda Reynolds

Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial for turning inexpensive flip-flops into adorable, classy sandals you’ll want to wear again and again (Psst: You can even use fuzzy fabric for a DIY slipper you'll wear all winter long!). Read on!

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Wonder Tape applied to zipper edges

Keep It Simple: 5 Sewing Tools and Products That Make Sewing Easier

By Veronica Lovvorn

Whenever I go shopping at the fabric store, I find myself standing in front of the notions wall curious about what all those interesting gadgets can do to help improve my sewing skills. Lucky for you, I've discovered a few great tools along the way. Here's a list of five sewing tools and products that I believe make sewing easier!

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