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with Linda Lee
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Underneath It All

Guide to Interfacings, Linings & Facings
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Alongside fashionista Linda Lee, you'll learn essential skills for making and sewing fine garment interiors: choose interfacings, underlinings, interlinings, facings and linings, and install them perfectly in your garments. Bring stunning structure and a lifetime of longevity to your fabric with interfacings. Underline entire garments to reduce wrinkles and give beautiful body to limp fabrics. Interline your outerwear to protect your fabric and add warmth and comfort to the garment. Flawlessly finish raw edges on exposed areas of your garments with facings. Plus, you'll learn how to sew linings for both pants and skirts, and Linda will even share how to draft and sew your own tailored jacket lining.


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 3h12m

Included in this Class

1. Meet Linda Lee & Get Started

1. Meet Linda Lee & Get Started

Linda Lee introduces herself and explains the differences among interfacings, linings and facings as she shows a variety of garments in which you might use them.

2. Sew-In Interfacings

2. Sew-In Interfacings

While largely replaced by fusible interfacings these days, sew-in interfacings still have an important role in garment construction. Linda will show you how to audition interfacings, preshrink them if necessary, cut them correctly and baste them to your pattern pieces.

3. Fusible Interfacings

3. Fusible Interfacings

Not all fusibles are built alike! Learn to distinguish among the different varieties and how to apply them. Linda has some great time-saving tips, too.

Recommended with this class

  • Pattern paper or kraft paper
  • Pattern-drafting supplies: grid rulers, pens, French curve
  • A variety of interfacing, underlining, interlining and/or lining materials (type and quantity will depend on your garment).
  • Projects you want to interface, underline, interline and/or line.