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with Beverly Johnson
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Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques

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Start with a well-fitting pattern, then use it to design, draft and make your own bras! Learn how with lessons from sewing expert Beverly Johnson. Start by easily turning a full-band bra pattern into a partial-band bra. Next, learn to change the neckline and design the straps you want. Move on to modifying bra frames, creating the world's thinnest band and making front closures. Bring greater comfort and style to the back of your bra by modifying the width of your fabric or angling the closure downwards. Then, discover how to support and complement your shape with power bars. You'll even find out how to make cup size discrepancies disappear by drafting your own alterations!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 3h18m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Partial-Band Bra

1. Introduction & Partial-Band Bra

Meet your fairy bra mother, Beverly Johnson, and learn how to use your class as a reference for designing and modifying bras for comfort and style. Beverly begins by showing you how to take a full-band bra pattern that you've already determined is a good fit and turn it into a partial-band bra with a few simple pattern adjustments and sewing changes.

2. Modifying Upper Cups & Straps

2. Modifying Upper Cups & Straps

Change the neckline of a full- or partial-band bra with Beverly's guidance and learn how to add padded, tapered or multiple straps. You'll see how the trifecta of the straps, top of the cup and top of the bridge interact and how your design takes all three areas into account.

3. Modifying the Frame

3. Modifying the Frame

Beverly shows how to modify the frame on both full- and partial-band bras. Learn how to make "the world's thinnest band" or turn the bottom of your bridge into a gothic arch. Beverly also shows how to create a front closing on a partial-band bra and how to add a keyhole to your bridge.