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with Linda Lee
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Fitting Solo: From Measurements to Muslin

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Discover how to measure yourself on your own with expert sewing instructor Linda Lee's easy-to-follow techniques. Start by finding the correct pattern size for your body and taking accurate measurements. Then, make basic pattern adjustments and evaluate fit using muslins. From there, you'll lengthen, shorten, narrow or widen a top pattern while keeping the seams correctly aligned. Once your adjustments are made, you'll create a fitting muslin, mark alterations and apply them to your pattern. Stretch your skills as you fit a pair of pants by changing width, knee placement, and both stride and total length. Ensure your pants will be comfortable and flattering by making adjustments to your muslin and pattern. Plus, see how to apply the same fitting process to a skirt pattern. For essential finishing touches, learn a waistband alteration trick and make final adjustments for your specific shape.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h22m

Included in this Class

1. Measuring Your Body

1. Measuring Your Body

Meet sewing instructor and Craftsy veteran Linda Lee and learn how to accurately measure yourself and make basic pattern adjustments on your own for the best-fitting garments. Linda demonstrates her tricks and techniques for solo measuring and identifies aids to measure correct numbers.

2. Comparing Body & Pattern Measurements

2. Comparing Body & Pattern Measurements

Learn how to compare your body's measurements to the pattern's measurements. Linda teaches you the nuances behind ease and how to accurately add ease into your calculations. Finally, find your starting size and learn Linda's method for using the full bust measurement.

3. Adjusting The Top: Lengthen & Shorten

3. Adjusting The Top: Lengthen & Shorten

Lengthen or shorten a top for your best fit. Linda demonstrates how to lengthen and shorten at the waist to keep the pattern accurate. Grab your straight and curved rulers and learn how to add or reduce length at the waist, as well as total garment length and sleeve length.