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Taught by Linda Sparks
Online Class

Custom Corsets: Bones, Casings & Busks

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Add the custom touches that make your pieces shine. Long-time designer Linda Sparks guides you through a variety of bone casings that elevate the average corset, from hidden support to decorative embellishments.


  • advanced
  • 6 episodes
  • 2h3m

Included in this Class

1. Invisible Bone Casings

1. Invisible Bone Casings

Create the custom touches you want for your corset! Designer Linda Sparks starts class with two methods for sewing invisible bone casings in the middle of a panel, so you can go beyond the seams for more structure. You'll also learn how to sew invisible bone casings at your seams, sewing curves without pins.

2. Designer Bone Casings

2. Designer Bone Casings

Ready for decorative bone casings? Bias tape can be a big help! Start by making a simple casing and move on to a casing with piping cord. Then, tackle a "faux piped" case that has the look of piping without the dimension. You'll even see how to make homemade bias strips that lead to equally eye-catching work.

3. Designer Mid-Panel Bone Casings

3. Designer Mid-Panel Bone Casings

Give your bones some beautiful embellishments! Linda shares a variety of techniques for incorporating decorative stitches into your bone casings. Then, finish the lesson by creating curved, cross-panel bone casings.