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Fix-It Friday: How To Cut Felt Shapes For Any Craft Project

By Craftsy
Do you ever get frustrated cutting detailed felt shapes? Craftsy workshop designer Abby Glassenberg has a great technique to cut felt shapes quickly and accurately, no matter how detailed they are! Using this cool trick, you can cut felt shapes for any project you may have. Read more »

Trend Spotting: Cork!

By Stefanie Japel
Cork is in! Even sewing enthusiasts are getting into the act, using cork-themed fabric, and for more practical applications. Check out these project highlights to see what we mean. Read more »
dart marked with tailor's tacks

Free Sewing Tip: How To Use Tailor’s Tacks

By Craftsy
Chalk and other marking devices can leave permanent impressions in the garments your making. That's why Pam Howard uses a traditional technique called tailor's tacks. Watch as the instructor of the online Craftsy class, the Classic Tailored Shirt, explains it and does it in a few easy minutes. Read more »
hemming-stitch on green wool

Free Sewing Tip: How To Make a Perfect Shirt Tail Hem

By Craftsy
Create smooth hems on your shirttails. This technique hides the stitching in recessed folds so it's completely invisible from the outside. It's called finger felling, and Pam Howard, instructor the online Craftsy class, the Classic Tailored Shirt, shows you the technique in this free video tip. Read more »
making tailors tacks

Free Sewing Tip: How To Sew a French Tack

By Craftsy
If a lining is too loose, it gets all jumbled when you remove the garment. It it's too tight, it pulls and buckles. Pam Howard, instructor of the online Craftsy class, the Classic Tailored Shirt, has just the solution: the French tack. Check out this free video tip to learn how to master the technique! Read more »

Free Sewing Tip #1: How To Line Knit Pants

By Stefanie Japel
It's a bummer when your favorite comfy and cute pants turn shapeless and ugly. Sandra Betzina from Power Sewing has just the solution: sew in a lining to add warmth, get rid of moisture, and keep those pants looking great! Read more »

Trend Alert! Vintage Looks are Inspiring Sewists

By Stefanie Japel
Clothing trends tend to follow fashion trends, so it's no surprise that vintage-inspired sewing is totally in! From bombshell dresses to sassy librarian blouses, take a look at what the wonderful crafters in the Craftsy community are making in regards to all things vintage. Read more »

Meet LouLou, One of Our Wonderful
Craftsy Sewing Pattern Designers

By Stefanie Japel
Stefanie Japel, our very own Craftsy instructor and staff member, interviews Tracy Platt, the creative force behind LouLou James, a wonderful independent sewing designer! LouLou James is queen of maternity sewing patterns, and offers insight and inspiration into her creative process in this fun interview. Read more »