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11 “Punny” Truths ONLY Sewers Understand

Most people just don’t get it, but if you’re a sewer, you do! There are some idiosyncrasies of sewing that you can’t help but agree with. 

 sewing thread, buttons, fabric

Whether you are an amateur sewer or a master of the craft there is no denying that at one point or another the following situations have applied to your life! 

Just in the stitch of time

There’s nothing like a festive holiday to throw a sewer into sheer panic mode! We’re not concerned about the project deadlines but rather the fact that the dining room table has not been seen in weeks. The frantic rush to finish a garment minutes before you need to leave for an event is totally justified by the feeling you get when accepting a compliment saying “Oh this? I made it this morning.” 

It feels sew good when…

Be it the perfect zipper insertion technique you have mastered, a French seam on a silk shirt or a sneak peek of some snazzy lining, there are so many aspects of sewing that just make you feel GOOD. Knowing your tools once belonged to loved ones or reminiscing on past times spent with friends and family surely warms the heart. 

A-hem, no thanks

jar of gold buttons

While the offer is appreciated, no we don’t want your great aunt’s big bag of scraps and old button jars. It may be hard to believe but we have plenty of our own! Likewise, we are not particularly interested in hemming your jeans or mending your jacket. We know in your mind it is a minor inconvenience and will only take a minute but we are actually pretty busy. 

Awl the right attitudes

If your sewing mojo is in short supply surely looking at your pattern collection is the best fix! Our fabric stashes are our own personal art gallery, inspiration center and savings account all rolled into one. There’s nothing quite like organizing your fabric to rediscover old treasures and kickstarting the sewing inspiration.

Sometimes we all needle little help

The perfect pattern organization system is out there. Somewhere. We just need to find it on Pinterest, or on a blog, or in a magazine, or invent it ourselves. Similarly, we know that the bobbin will never run out at a convenient time but rather smack dab in the middle of that tricky sleeve. And without fail, every visit to the fabric store takes longer than expected after getting stuck behind the first time sewer who wants ¼ yard of 37 different fabrics. 

A reely reliable stash 

colorful fabric, thread and scissors

Some people buy a new lipstick for a pick-me-up; sewers buy sewing patterns. And yes, we know we already have a similar pattern, but that’s not a good enough reason not to buy it. Who cares if we never actually use that one perfect piece of fabric? If we have it in our stash and can look it at whenever we want, it will always be worth the investment! 

Tailor to your traveling

It’s debatable that the best part of a trip is the feeling of delight when you are shopping in a new city and stumble across a fabric store. It’s even more exciting when they’re having a sale, and the fabric you buy ends up fitting in your suitcase! Or, when the concern of how you’re possibly going to squeeze five yards of fabric into your bag is eliminated altogether when the store happily offers to ship it to you. Plus, when you arrive home it’s like Christmas morning — double win!

Sew comfortable

Raise your hand if you sew in your underwear. Of course you do! Stitch, try on, adjust and pin, take off, stitch some more. Raise you hand again if fitting pants by yourself is nearly impossible but the combination of your determination and your full-length mirror make it happen. Talk about a super power. 

Ohh the irony

ironing sewing fabric

There may not be anything more frustrating than getting so excited to finish a project and so close to completion only to have it ruined by accidentally burning the fabric with the iron. Guess it’s time to start over — good thing you stocked up on that amazing fabric. Look at you, planning ahead! 

A whole new meaning to “pins and needles”

Of course you intend to pick up all those pins that have been dropped along the way! And you’ll do one heck of a job running your fingers through the carpet ensuring you’ve collected them all. But, without question, there will be that one stray pin that remains hidden only to be found by a less than happy barefoot visitor to the sewing space. 

This seams like the perfect amount! 

Every sewer knows a second (or third) sewing machine is not an extravagance but a necessity, just as it is a no-brainer that buying both sizes available of any given pattern is not excessive but proactive! It’s difficult to keep up with the multitude of projects we have started but not yet finished, isn’t it? And don’t even get us started on our scissors. Yes, we need all of them and don’t you dare think about using them to cut paper…wire…roses…your hair…or anything other than fabric!

There are many other examples that can be added to the list! Any personal stories or thoughts you want to add?



Well, the writer may say no thanks to the offer of great aunt’s fabric scraps and button jars, but I’ll take them every time. I have a lovely collection of vintage buttons, all from gratefully accepting such offers.


Me too!!


where could a person find the pattern for the sewing machine caddie shown with the Janome machine?

Kay Landreth

I,too, checked thru Crafts patterns for the sewing machine mat with the janome machine in this article. Where is this pattern hiding? I want to get this pattern, too.


The name is in small print right below the picture. Maybe you could Google it.


Scissors…People just can’t seem to understand why I go crazy when they grab my Ginghers to cut something other than fabric.

Ironing boards…people look at me funny in conversations about ironing. They laughingly will mention that theirs hasn’t been open for years. How do they function? Mine is never down!

Fabric…I’m 63 and have been sewing since I was 3. People make fun of me because I have so much fabric. Would they make fun of an artist because they had too many tubes of paint?

Sharon Aurora

I keep my sewing and embroidery scissors hidden and the all-purpose scissors in plain view. One time I had my sewing scissors out and my son came in the room and started to grab them, but I swooped in just in time. Whew!

Kay Landreth

Right on, Sister!

Magaret Courtney

A fun read but can you tell us where we can get that pattern for the sewing machine table organizer? That is awesome!

Jessie Sams

Great article! I am just a plain old home sewist. Have been for over 50 years. And I can sooo relate to this! I never realized my giant collection of fabric was called a fabric stash! And that other people also got excited about looking through said stash. Or the pattern collection. Or the cringe of being asked to hem something. (thanks but mending is about all I had time for during my working years) I feel like I’ve belonged to a club all these years I didn’t know existed. Thanks!


Try reading the forums on as well as Craftsy. I think you’d like it there. 🙂


Totally disagree with Aunt’s stash and button box – They are must haves with Treasurers to be hold!!


I don’t have a clever example, more of a question. Where can I find a pattern for the sewing machine mat in the last photo?

Leslie Forbes

More goodies, I feel like a kid at Christmas was going to stick with sewing until I had gone through everything I wanted to learn. And then Craftsy advertises the cardigan of my dreams – knitted – well I am nothing if not flexible. Roll on next pay day.


Lori, thank you for doing the legwork for the organizer. We all saw it, we all want it , but you found it . Much gratitude!


Craftsy has a pattern for one. Look on their site under patterns.


It’s called Undercover Maker Mat.


What a delightful post! I will keep smiling all day 🙂 Hug, Hanneke from Amsterdam


What fun to read these puns. I do disagree with the button jars. Wish I had been given my grandmother’s.

After many many years, I finally have a sewing room of my own! Is it big and beautiful? No, it’s small but all mine and I love it. I know where everything is, my resource center (fabric stash) is organized, UFOs are organized and “kitted,” threads are in those plastic multi drawer containers under my sewing table and away from the window, white pegboard us up and full of rulers, etc. It’s definitely my happy place. A big thank you to my hubby. VBG


AMEN Kyle!!!

Jo Coner

I decided to leave teo bulky sweaters at my daughter’s house in Cambridge England last month, so I could fit the fabrics and trims into my suitcase that I found at Jason & Son in London!

Kay Sprouse

Scissors: DO NOT TOUCH for any reason… not one of my 12 fabric scissors (and that doesn’t
include my little embroidery scissors!!
Button: Oh, yes. Love the buttons from way back when.
Stash: Such a joy knowing I have lots I MAY need later.
Thanks to my husband, Tommy, for building me a sewing room (12×28) in a portion of his big work shop. Finally have my own sewing space!!!! Now to get it all organized…. 3 sewing machines (that I use) 4 more that I don’t; serger, and embroidery machine! Took a lot of years but now I have the time and place!!!! My “woman cave”.


I can so relate to going to other towns for fabric stores! When I went to Paris, I took a private tour of all the hidden fabric stores! It was divine! I bought $400 of fabric and has to buy another suitcase to fit it all in!

Amelia Davis

Sewing for most of my life, it is my saviour. I can get so involved in what I am designing or making that the world goes by and I am unaware of the dramas outside.

Melody Lema

I will never say no to a bottle of buttons, or bags of “scraps”. In the incredible yard sale buys, I have found coverable belt kits, frogs of leather and cording, sets of incredible buttons that cannot be purchased, including some of abalone shell that got me stopped and interrogated at an airport, because they could tell that they were real abalone shell and I had to explain that the buttons were at least 50 years old, even though the dress they were on was brand new. I love surprise bags of scraps!


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