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A FREE Printable PDF Guide to Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles

The most common brand of sewing machine needles in the world is Schmetz. It’s the brand that most of us use, and personally, it is the only brand I ever use. They are consistent, reliable and easy to get no matter where you are.

You’ll never mix up your Schmetz needles again with this handy guide at your side!


Though many of us use these everyday, many people do not know that each and every needle is color coded with both the type of the needle as well as the size of the needle. It can be so easy to get your needles mixed up when you go from project to project, but never fear! There is a simple process to learning which bands on the needle represent which piece of information, so you will never get your 90/14 stretch needle confused for your 70/10 microtex sharps needle again!

Below is all the information you need to keep things straight, but the most convenient place for this information is in your studio, so I’ve also created a handy chart for you to download and print to hang up next to your sewing machine for your reference.

Click here to get your own copy!

Determining the band

Each needle is color coded with two bands. The top band represents the type of needle. See below for that information. The lower band represents the size of the needle. To determine the size of your needles, check out the lower band on your needle and compare it to the list below:

  • Size 60/8: Light green
  • Size 65/9: White
  • Size 70/10: Green
  • Size 75/11: Pink
  • Size 80/12: Orange
  • Size 90/14: Blue
  • Size 100/16: Purple
  • Size 110/18: Yellow
  • Size 120/19: Brown
  • Size 125/20: Black
  • Size 130/21: Red

To determine the type of needle you have on hand, reference this list:

Needle Type: Universal Needle
Fabric Type: All-purpose for wovens & knits
Color Band: No color band
Sizes Available: 60/8, 65/9, 70/10, 75/11, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, 120/19

Needle Type: Microtex Sharps
Fabric Type: Woven fibers
Color Band: Purple
Sizes Available: 60/8, 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18

Needle Type: Ballpoint
Fabric Type: Knits fabrics
Color Band: Orange
Sizes Available: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16

Needle Type: Stretch
Fabric Type: Elastic fabrics
Color Band: Yellow
Sizes Available: 65/9, 75/11, 90/14

Needle Type: Jeans
Fabric Type: Denim
Color Band: Blue
Sizes Available: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18

Needle Type: Topstitching
Fabric Type: Exposed stitching
Color Band: Light green
Sizes Available: 80/12, 90/14, 100/16

Needle Type: Quilting
Fabric Type: Layers of a quilt
Color Band: Green
Sizes Available: 75/11, 90/14

Needle Type: Embroidery
Fabric Type: Embroidery thread
Color Band: Red
Sizes Available: 75/11, 90/14

Needle Type: Metallic
Fabric Type: Metallic thread
Color Band: Pink
Sizes Available: 80/12, 90/14

Needle Type: Leather
Fabric Type: Leather and vinyl
Color Band: Brown
Sizes Available: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18

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It say to Click here to get your own copy! of handy chart for you to download but there no link to click on to download the handy chart


Try this
* Select all
* Copy
* Paste in word pad
I did it, it worked. After saving, then delete what you don’t need and keep the rest.


Click on the link, then click on Download Digital Pattern. There is a nice color coded Schmetz Needle Guide.


Click on Click here to get your own copy! in the article. A page with down load digital pattern, it is free. click and download and print….gives a 1 page copy to print….worked for me.


Same for me as Riz. No link to download the PDF.

Judy Owens

Can’t even print out a copy either.


Go to click “learning center” select “all about needles, scroll down to “SCHMETZ needle guide PDF”


Under the title of this article there are 4 symbols. Face Book- Pinterest-email & printer. Just press printer and you’re copy will print. Very simple. I just did it. But you’ll get 11 pages. Some of which aren’t necessary to have. I just checked. I only needed pages 2 -6. Lot of wasted paper. But you can fix that in your printer settings before you print it out. Very good article.

Susannah Thomson

No link

Jane B

You should not have to print out multiple pages to get

A FREE Printable PDF Guide

This needs to be fixed! Period!


You dont need to print 11 pages, click on the link, then there is a large red box on the right side of the page that reads, “Download Digital Guide” click on this. You will get a one page color coded chart. Thank You Craftsy


For those who aren’t seeing the link to download the PDF, I’m wondering if you’re not signed in. The link I clicked on said “add free digital pattern”, or something like that. I added it to my Craftsy cart, then clicked on the pattern to download it to my computer and was able to print the download.

Tina Jenkins

Thank you for the information

de phong thuy

It can be in reality an awesome in addition to useful little bit of details.. de phong thuy I’m pleased which you discussed this useful info here. Remember to keep us educated this way. Many thanks expressing.


Is this new?????? I went straight upstairs to my sewing room, all excited, checked all my Schmetz needles, only to find, that the embroidery are indeed red, one pkg of denim, blue, and one pkg of leather, brown. None of the others in my extensive stash, had any bands on them at all. So disappointed, as I finally thought…….Yay if I pick up a stray needle, I no longer have to strain my eyes to read the numbers.


Singer has been doing this for years and I’m glad that Schmetz has finally come around!

nokkie du toit

good day , I bought leather needle here in south Africa at the local store, and I cant get it to work properly, I went on the website and saw all the info and this leather needles I bought is coded blue and I saw leather need to be brown, I want to know it there is counterfeit of this roducts what I am not aware about

Patricia Lorch

what number needle would I use on a Janome machine tosew a new sail for my son’s sailboat. He bought a kit and the fabric is a stiff Dacron. They supplied the thread.

kathy beemer

thanks for the info but l wish l didn’t waste 11 sheets of paper and ink to get it.


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