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Quick Weekend Sewing Project: Pumpkin Pincushion [FREE Pattern!]

This tiny little pincushion with add a little autumn cheer to your next sewing project. These little pincushions can be addictive, so you might not be able to stop at just one!

pumpkin pin cushion

Pumpkin pincushion sewing tutorial

Supplies for pumpkin pin cushion

Supplies needed:

Preparing the pattern and cutting the fabric

paper pieces for pumpkin pincushion

Print the PDF template and cut out the pieces. Trace the template six times onto the wrong side of the orange fabric. Trace the leaf template onto the green wool fabric.

fabric pieces for pumpkin pincushion

Cut the six shapes from the orange fabric as well as the leaf shape from the wool.

Sewing the pumpkin pincushion

sew together pumpkin pincushion piees

Sew two of the orange shapes together along one side. Fold one side back and sew another orange piece along the other long side.

Sewing pieces for pumpkin pincushion

Repeat the last step so that you have two sets of three pieces, as shown above.

nesting two pieces for  pumpkin pincushion

Turn one unit right side out and nest it inside the other unit. Pin the two units together. Sew all the way around the edge, leaving an opening for turning the unit right side out.

Assembling the pincushion

assembling pumpkin pincushion

Using a small funnel, fill the pumpkin with ground walnut shells. When it’s fully stuffed, sew the opening closed by hand.

Thread the large-eye needle with the pearl cotton and tie a knot. Sew through the pumpkin by inserting the threaded needle from the top center where the seams intersect, and pulling the needle out through the bottom center where the seams intersect.

Then, pull the thread up and around the pin cushion, nesting the thread along one of the seam lines, and sew again through the top center through to the bottom of the pumpkin. Repeat until all seams are lined with the pearl cotton. 

Sew the brown button to the top, securing the wool piece under the button. Tie off the thread ends under the wool leaf.


Frances Cartwright

I wondered if anyone has ever tried using steel wool as a filling for the pin cushion? Perhaps that would help sharpen your pins. I’d love to know if this would work. I guess one would have to use a fair bit of steel wool to fill it well…

April Lopez

I’m assuming this has a 1/4″ seam. It’s not stated in the instructions. This is super cute. I’m thinking of making a bunch with stuffing for my Thanksgiving table.


Thank You,Craftsy


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