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The Makers of Craftsy: Meet Theresa

Walking the halls of our office, it’s not rare to bump into incredible makers (just be careful of knitters’ needles — ouch!). But to us, one sewer in particular stands out for her scrappiness and determination to slowly stitch her way into a totally self-made wardrobe.

Meet Theresa

Theresa Rizzuto at Bluprint

A member of our marketing team with a penchant for hand-sewn items, Theresa first learned to sew back in high school. Seeing beauty in the everyday, Theresa thought to turn old whole-bean coffee bags into beautiful purses to sell, and her mom served as the perfect teacher.

This experience caused her to fall deeply in love with textiles and the process of making. Eventually this love transcended into making her own prom dress. Today, she strives to sew most of her own clothing. Talk about passion.

Studying textiles in college allowed Theresa to hone her creativity.

And while they say it’s about the process rather than the result, Theresa finds herself hopelessly addicted to the sense of pride and accomplishment she gets from finishing a garment and trying it on for the first time.

Theresa Rizzuto Drawing

An equal opportunist when it comes to crafting, she also paints fun, quirky subjects including anything from pets to fast food. “There is so much beauty in a burger and fries,” she says.

Every maker needs the ideal environment to create in. Taking advantage of her own backyard, Theresa revels in the “perfect, natural lighting” of Denver. Her back deck sets the stage for much of her painting inspiration.

Theresa Rizzuto

Regardless of the craft, Theresa is a paragon of making something that means something. Like many of us in the crafting community, she shares her talents with those she adores most.

“I made the ‘coming home from the hospital’ outfits for both of my nephews when they were born,” Theresa says. “Knowing that their very first outfits were made by me was an honor, and I loved knowing that even though I couldn’t physically be there the day they were born, a part of me was still greeting them and helping to keep them warm on their very first day in the world.”

What’s something you’ve made recently that means something to you? Share in our comments below! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @BeBluprint to read more about our makers.



I love sewing. I first learned to hand sew doll clothes out of the scraps leftover from outfits my mother made for me. I, also remember spending hours drawing from a fresh box of 64 crayons. Years later, I made a career in fashion design. I became a stay at home mom of 3 and free time was sparse. Now a 4th grade teacher, sports mom with even less time, lol. Summers are spent with my kids, catching up on house stuff, and planning for the next school year. BUT this weekend, I going to crack open a new box of 64’s and spend some me time on the back deck! I’m so grateful for Craftsy, for the many class offerings, for inspiration, and for uniting other crafters. Thanks for inspiring me, Theresa!


Wow! I love your story Sheila, thank you so much for sharing. And I totally remember those 64 pack boxes of crayons — there was nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new fresh box. Enjoy your weekend getting creative on the back deck — that sounds like the perfect weekend to me!


The serger class above states a price of$19.99. When I click on the link it comes us $39.99


By the time that I was 12 yrs old I was begging my aunt to teach me to sew (she was the sewer in the family), but she told me to learn the basics in HomeEc at school that fall and that she’d answer any other questions afterward. We made a blouse in class and it was like a duck taking to water! For many years (including high school) I made clothes and other items that I dreamed up. That was 56 years ago! About 23 years ago I saw an Eleanor Burns’ quilt show for a simple Christmas block, and taught myself to quilt right away, and was so hooked that I gave up sewing clothing in favor of all kinds of quilting. The last 7 years have been doing art quilting, which I absolutely LOVE!! I still make other sewn items occasionally, but I spend most of my free time quilting or painting on fabric so that I can quilt it because new ideas and inspiration happen. That’s why I love Craftsy and take classes and make patterns and read blogs on here…it’s helping me to also learn how to be a better painter!


I love that Mary — thank you for sharing! I have been wanting to try my hand at quilting. I love the welcoming environment Craftsy creates for those who want to dabble and try new things. Best of luck with your painting, quilting, and all of your creative endeavors!

Nari Haig

I got the sewing bug from my grandmother back in the late 60s, early 70s. Later in college, I was shocked to find out I could actually major in Textiles (a large relief to my dad, who fretted over my Art major) and make a career of it. Honing in on product development jobs at womens’ apparel and catalog companies, I relished in getting paid to be a picky sewer! I discovered the ease in making American Girl doll clothes that matched my then-kindergartener girls’ home designed outfits, which was far better than the bitsy Barbie dresses I tried to do back in the day. Now, with my kids gone far away, I have an archive of their favorite ensembles for the dolls, as their clothes were handed down to others. These days, I’m deeply into art quilts. My respite is my sewing machine and all the possibilities that come out of it. Craftsy gives me the opportunity to be inspired by what others do, and it allows me to discover new techniques. Thanks!


I had a similar reaction when I discovered I could major in textiles! Sounds like you’ve had a fascinating career doing what you love, Nari. Thanks for sharing!


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