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How To Lay Out A Sewing Pattern For Beginners [Video Tutorial]

Diving into your first garment sewing project?

how to lay out a sewing pattern

We know how intimidating (and exciting) it can be to prep your pattern and fabric, but the tutorial below will help you get started!

In this video, expert seamstress Angela Wolf shares her techniques for readying your fabric, laying out a pattern, marking details and more. Even if you’re a total beginner, watch now to start prepping your projects in a snap.

Want your garment to fit just right? Find out how to pre-treat your fabric to avoid shrinkage later, and lay it out without stretching.

fabric comparison

Get a grip on grainline as Angela explains why it’s important and how to place your pattern on grain.


Marking your fabric with essential pattern details is easy with Angela’s tips.

sewing pattern

Once you have the basics down, you’ll be ready for the fun part — sewing! And remember to share these helpful tips with friends who are just starting to sew.

Watch more of Angela’s YouTube tutorials!

Above, Angela is preparing her fabric to sew a pencil skirt. See how to insert its zipper in this tutorial!

See more on Bluprint’s YouTube Channel.

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Thank you very much for your very helpful videos! The content is very clear and the presentation likeable. Nevertheless: May I please give you a feedback to the production? I have problems with the sounddesign. It disturbs me, if the background musik goes on and on throughout the whole video. Especially as English is not my native language and as I might want to repeat a sequence. Also in my motherlanguage this kind of background noise disturbs my concentration. Maybe this is also problematical for other users, that’s why I write this. Please excuse my bad English and (despite my criticism) thanks for this free content!


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