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Room Refresh: 10 FREE Pillow Sewing Patterns

Free Pillow Sewing Patterns

Give your home decor a quick, inexpensive makeover with these free pillow sewing patterns.

Free pillow patterns are one of the easiest — not to mention most inexpensive — ways to update your home decor. Use these pillow sewing patterns to add a pop of color or some cozy texture to a living room or bedroom.

If you already have a lot of pillows, consider updating them with these free pillow sewing patterns. You can apply the fun appliqué and other techniques to any plain pillow to give it a new life.

If this is your first time making a pillow, be sure to check out our free Sewing Stylish Pillows — Simplified! guide. You’ll learn the techniques for making an envelope pillow, plus get instructions for adding piping and more.

Peacock Pillow FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member The Sewing Loft

1. Peacock Pillow

This pillow is the perfect opportunity to use up even the smallest scraps of fabric. Even patterned fabric isn’t off limits for peacock feathers! Just be sure to plan your color palette before you start stitching in case you want to move things around.

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Knotted Pillow Cover FREE Sewing Tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member see kate sew

2. Knotted Pillow Cover Tutorial

Adding style to your plain pillow cover is as simple as tying knots! These pillow covers work well for anything from pillows on your bed to decorative pillows that hang out on your couch.

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Blossom Doily Pillow FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member DIY Crush

3. Blossom Doily Pillow

This isn’t your usual pillow. Not only is it round, but it also involves gathers, which give the pillow plenty of texture. The crochet doilies in the center are optional, but if you don’t have any crochet skills you can sew store-bought doilies onto the pillow.

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Flat Ruffle Pillow

Photo via Bluprint member Blossom Heart Quilts

3. Flat Ruffle Pillow

With three to six prints, you can create a pillow with tons of texture and color. The fabrics you choose make all the difference in matching your decor or bringing a festive style to any room.

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Reversible Cloud Pillow FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member AbFabulies

5. Reversible Cloud Pillow

This happy cloud looks just as cozy in your living room as it does in your kid’s room. You can even turn it into a dark and stormy cloud if you’d like! You’ll need to know some basic embroidery stitches to create the cloud’s facial features.

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Toddler Pillow and Pillowcase FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Schoolhouse Patterns

6. Toddler Pillow and Pillowcase

This pillow doesn’t include any special techniques like zippers or envelope closures, so it’s perfect for beginners. Sew a pillow for your toddler, or make one as a travel pillow that you can tote with you in the car or on planes.

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Tooth Fairy Pillow FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Sew Cute Patterns

7. Tooth Fairy Pillow

Kids can tuck a tooth into the pocket of this pillow and wake up to find it replaced with a surprise the next morning. This would also be a great dentist office decoration or gift for a friend who works in the dental industry.

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Giant Flower Pillow Applique FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Miss Cinti

8. Giant Flower Pillow Appliqué

If you’re in the market for some color, this is the pillow pattern for you. Add these giant flowers to a pillow that you’ve sewn or one you already own that needs a little embellishment. The sample above uses felt flowers, but you could also use fabric scraps from your stash.

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Flower Shaped Pillow FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member thestitchingscientist

9. Flower Shaped Pillow

Tired of those boring old square-shaped pillows? This flower will perk up your couch or your kid’s bedroom. I love the mix of patterns in the pillow pictured above, but you could also use a solid color that matches the room.

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Love Pillow FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member MaggieElizabeth

10. Love Pillow

Use felt scraps to spell out “love” on this simple pillow. If you can sew straight lines and pivot corners, then you have all the skills you need to make the project. 

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Free Guide! Sewing Stylish Pillows — Simplified

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Ila in Maine

As I’m sure others have I’ve sewn pillows from panels of cute animals and such but they don’t last very long, even with a lining. I’d love some suggestions for what fabrics are best for pillows that not only look nice but actually stand up to being used. Canvas is probably one but I’d like to go beyond that, to perhaps upholstery fabrics? Please leave me suggestions on your successes, and if you’ve tried things that didn’t work I’d like to know that as well so I don’t make the same mistake. Thanks for any help you can give me. My daughter has a brand new futon and has asked for usable pillows so the heat is on.


I have found the fabrics providing the longest wear for throw pillows are medium-weight upholstery fabrics with slightly textured or jacquard weaves. This includes, but is not limited to, upholstery satins, decorator (not dressmaker) velvets and velveteens, damasks, and decorator brocades. Those with high cotton or silk content are the most durable and usually retain a neat, clean surface while having a pleasant feel to the skin. Synthetics may present problems with manipulation, may snag or pill easily, or may feel rougher or stiffer to the touch. Upholstery fabrics are usually easy to sew and manipulate, as they are designed to be worked smoothly over a variety of upholstery shapes and forms. Canvas might fall into this category, depending on how heavy it is, but may feel rougher and stiffer than fabrics designed especially for interior upholstery.

Upholstery fabrics often use heavy, but flexible, yarns in the weave, have tighter and denser weaves, and have some texture variation for added interest and durability. This should create a pleasant balance between body, feel, flexibility, durability, and attractiveness. I have some throw pillows I made more than 20 years ago using upholstery jacquard fabric ends having a high cotton content that still look great. My covers can be machine washed and dried on the delicate cycles, although you should always test a sample of your chosen fabric, first, before washing your finished covers.

Quilting cottons are too thin and (in general) too fragile for the daily abuse pillows have to endure over long periods of use. They are better suited for decorative pillows that are not used as practical cushioning.


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