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5 FREE Party Dress Patterns for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year — when hubbies don’t get why we can’t be ready for an party on time. It’s because we don’t have anything to wear in our closets… or is that just me?

Let’s get ready for every holidays party by sewing a celebration-worthy wardrobe!

The dresses I chose all come with a free pattern and can be all dressed up or down, depending on fabric choices and how much bling factor you add!

Free Party dresses patterns - The maxi dress

Photo via Bluprint member Dressytalk Patterns

1. The Maxi Dress

This one can be put together in a very short time, but don’t be fooled by the fact it’s easy to make. Omit the stripes and go with a sparkly golden fabric or an art-deco print and you’ll be the life of the party!

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Free Party dresses patterns - The Mod dress

Photo via Bluprint member Serger Pepper Designs

2. The Mod Dress

If you are headed to a ’60s-inspired night, you can’t miss the Mod Dress. It’s actually made by refashioning a pair of pants and an oversized T-shirt (but you can use fabric by the yard). Match it with an infinity scarf (instructions included), made using up the small fabric leftover.

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Free Party dresses patterns - The little black dress

Photo via Bluprint member So Sew Easy

3. The Little Black Dress

This one-shoulder lace dress is perfect for being the star at your office’s holiday party. Why not play with two different colors, for a intriguing color-blending effect? I would try a burgundy for the under layer and a pale gray for the chiffon or mesh overlay.

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 Serger Pepper 4 Bluprint - Free Party dresses patterns - The SIMPLE dress with a bow

Photo via Bluprint member Magnes’s

4. The Dress With a Bow

This dress is probably the most versatile of today’s selection: With just one (free) pattern, you can create a perfect everyday dress and a dressy evening dress, all in one color.

The flattering skirt is cut on the bias, so it flows from the hips. The bow plus and front bodice are cut in one pattern piece. I would sew it in a textured shiny black fabric, to add some subtle interest. 

Sorry this one was removed. Let us know in the comments if you see it elsewhere! 

Free Party dresses patterns - The Brasilia dress

Photo via Serger Pepper

5. The Brasilia Dress 

I was so lucky to be asked to test this dress, designed by HouseofPinheiro’s Patterns before it was published. The original design, including the Y-shaped front dart, makes this simple dress look original and unique. In my version, I added contrasting topstitching and faux piping to finish the armholes and neckline (made using an old T-shirt). 

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Arden Allen

The Brasilia dress looks lovely but the pattern isn’t there, just a pattern envelope.

Aloma Cronberg

The Brasilia Dress would be lovely if the pattern had been fitted right. It is too small! Too tight at the bustline, which explains the large wrinkle at the front of the armseye. The same with the wrinkling across the abdomen, also, the zipper down the back puckers across the rearend. All of this could have been avoided had the pattern been fitted correctly!!

Irene // Serger Pepper Designs

Hi Aloma and thanks for your constructive criticism.
I would agree with your fitting tips, if this was a fitting exercise. I’d love to give you just a bit of background, by the way, about me and my body.
I have four different sizes garments, in my closet, because I can gain (or loss) 3-5 kilos from one month to the other. When I’ve sewn this dress, I was breastfeeding my daughter, so my bust was changing volume during the day (and this explains the wrinkles at the bust level: it was perfectly fitting right after nursing, but too tight right before it!).
When I sew for a client or for a dress form, I tend to fit garments better, but I know that it doesn’t work for my body. Actually, I’ve worn this dress for years, now, and it’s been too tight, too tight and spot on, depending on which size I was wearing in that moment. It still is one of my favorites, also if it’s not perfect. Sadly this is a lost battle, for me: if I had perfectly fitted it one day, it would have been too loose/too tight in no time. I tend to sew garments I can actually wear, also if they aren’t perfect they fit me better than storebought, indeed 🙂
I’ve always envied those women constantly wearing the same size, but sadly it’s not me, so I’ve decided this worked for me.
I would truly love to see the Brasilia Dress on yourself, perfectly fitted: it’s such a great pattern and I wouldn’t want anyone to be sidetracked by my bad-fitted pictures. Thank you, again, for taking the time to point this out, so I had the occasion to share my experience about fitting in real life. Can anyone relate?
Merry Christmas


I actually really like the way the Brasilia dress fits you in the picture. I also breastfeed and know the struggles with clothing and that area. I would LOVE more dresses that were loose/elastic-y up top so that I could breastfeed and still wear real dresses 🙂
It looks great!

Irene // Serger Pepper Designs

Thank you, Kitsy <3
I'll note this down into my list of new patterns to draft 😉
Happy sewing and breastfeeding (not at the same time),
Irene // Serger Pepper Designs


Any idea where the red dress is? I get an error message when I try to get it.

Kristin Doherty

Hi there! It looks like the designer has removed the the pattern from her Craftsy pattern store, so it is no longer available on on our site. We’ve removed it from the post — thanks for letting us know!


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