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Sew Scarves for Brave Women During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, and Craftsy Cares is partnering with the Be the Difference Foundation and their “Love My Scarf” project in support of those battling this disease. Their mission is to help women increase their chance of survival of ovarian cancer by raising money to fund programs for better treatment options, effective early screening, symptomatic and genetic predisposition awareness and a cure.

Pink Headscarf on Mannequin Head
The “Love My Scarf” project supports the bravery of these women, and provides them with beautiful head-coverings to wear during their battle with cancer. Help the “Love My Scarf” project reach their goal of collecting 10,000 scarves this month by creating a scarf to be provided to women in cancer centers. Your scarf donation can be knitted, embroidered, embellished, crocheted or any other medium you prefer!

Click here to download the “Love my Scarf” Momma’s Embroidered Do-Rag pattern. Donations will be collected at the address below:

Be the Difference Foundation
2517 Manana Rd.
Dallas, TX 75220


Aloma Cronberg

As a nurse I have taken care of lots of cancer patients! Women are devastated by the loss of their crowning glory during Chemo! Their hair is important to them and walking around with a bald head and no eyebrows screams ” Look at me, I have cancer!” It doesn’t make any difference what kind of cancer it is: the results are the same!! We used to provide Head coverings for our patients to help them deal with this terrible disease!!

Theresa Jackson

How brilliant! What a great idea. Made myself a number of these (my own version really) during my chemo last year, also for ovarian cancer. Worked really well. Recycled t-shirts and even warm beanie hats out of an old sweater. Glammed them up with brooches and jewelled hair ornaments. Much easier than tying scarves! Also soft and comfortable. Passed them on to someone else when I didn’t need them any more.
Being in the UK would be impractical for me to get involved in this campaign but do wish you well in your efforts and hope you get loads of scarves.
By the way the crowning glory is back and really wasn’t gone for very long at all.


What is the deadline to mail the scarf? I’ve been making some since I found out I had to take chemo again. I took it in 2004 and now am taking it again. Since I feel better this time around, I’ve been sewing scarfs and giving them to our local cancer center and to some ladies that I met recently that are also taking chemo.

Helen Gardner

Please mail your scarves anytime. We will be collecting them through the end of the year. Good luck with your treatment. I am glad to hear you are feeling better this time around. Helen Gardner, survivor, co-founder, Be the Difference Foundation

Jeanne Landis Rosenberg

Thank you! I’ve had colon cancer and 6 mos later I was blessed with stomach lymphoma boy o boy. I am a survivor and want to do my part in helping someone else. Please guide me on what I can do to help!
Thank you jeanne landis rosenberg818 399 7198


My mom suffered with ovarian cancer & then it finally took her after she refused to have any further chemo-she was too weak to go through all the nausea & endless vomiting it caused. I took care of her for about the last 7-8 mos of her life. This is a terrible disease! Make a “chemo cap” for a special woman tonight!(I’m going to crochet 1 or maybe 2!)


I love this idea!!!

pat reed

Found out about this today will send some tomorrow. What a great idea, and privledged to help a little as i can Thank you pat

Katriina Alanko #279837

Hi –
I had to buy a new computer but couldn’t remember my log in info for it. I had to redo all my info exept that and now I can’t access my classes and downloaded patterns. Please help me.
Katriina #279837

Erica McCoy

I would like to become a member of the Be the difference foundation,the things I can crochet are scars, pillows,and purses. How can i become a member


I really would like to some how become involved with Craftsy!


How can I make involving, joining?


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