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Sew for Smiles with Craftsy Cares & ConKerr Cancer

Sewists now is your time to shine! Support Craftsy Cares in partnering with ConKerr Cancer, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of chronically-ill children as they undergo treatment. Sew beautiful pillowcases to bring joy to children in hospitals across the world.

ConKerr Cancer aims to bring happiness to kids by sewing them bright and cheery pillowcases to brighten their hospital rooms. It all started back in 2002 when Cindy Kerr’s son, Ryan, was diagnosed at the age of 12 with Osteosarcoma, a bone tumor in his leg. Cindy sat by Ryan’s side as he underwent countless rounds of treatments and surgeries at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Stuck in a helpless situation, Cindy helped the only way she knew how: she sewed.
ConKerr Cancer


She began sewing bright and colorful pillowcases for Ryan during each of his stays at the hospital. It was her way of bringing a little cheer into his hospital room, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Soon all the children in the oncology unit wanted a pillowcase, so Cindy began delivering pillowcase smiles throughout the hospital. And so the “A Case for Smiles” initiative grew to become ConKerr Cancer, a non-profit of over 125 chapters delivering 685,000 pillowcases to children in hospitals all throughout the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

It’s more than just a pillowcase — It’s creating a glimmer of cheer in an environment that often seems joyless to many of these families who bring their children in for treatment. There are so many kids that continue to bring such strength and courage into these hospitals.

Here are a few ways you can help us continue to give them something to smile about:

  • Start up the old sewing machine and start sewing pillowcase smiles for the sick children in your community. Here are instructions for your sewing.
  • Even if you’re not sewing-savvy, ConKerr Cancer chapter directors in your area could still use your help sorting, washing, folding, bagging, and delivering pillowcases. Find more information about regional chapters here and volunteer opportunities here.
  • Finally, you can donate to help us spread awareness for our “A Case for Smiles” initiative.


Joyce Cruz

I am a nine year survivorand would love to help.


How do I get involved please,would love to help.


I love making these pillowcases! I just made 24 more of them over the weekend to be donated to the victims of Moore, OK tornado! This is very worthwhile, fun, and easy to do! Thank you!

Ann Throckmorton

I have been embroidering pillowcase for the kids at the children’s hospital where I work in KY. So far I have done 15 in the last year. I take a plain white case and I embroider things they like or things that match their character. Then I embroider their names on them. I can do 1 a week. I am working on number 16 now.

Chiquina Richardson

I am a Tweleve year survivor but currently lost my husband to pancreatic cancer Jan 1 2013 love crafting and would love to participate please let me know I have to keep myself busy

alice connolley

Ok. you. need. pIllow cases for childen i will help out forl carfstman. sewing

Pat Spalding

I cross stitch pillow cases & I have a stack. Not to much on kids but all different patterns.
Would this b ok?


I have 70 pillow cases sewed and ready to donate. I have tried to select on Rhonda Wilder email but it doesn’t open
Could someone please send me her email.

Patricia e. Spaulding

I love what you are doing for the children.

Irene Curtis

I would like to help I live in Sydney Australia. Do you do them for Australian hospitals

Trisha Titler

I would be willing to donate children and teens pillow cases. Just have to make lots more. I donate to homeless shelters once a year. Each person gets one pillow case in the shelters. Get back with me with details and where my items will go. Thank you, Trisha in Iowa

Diane Deason

Just joined and so excited to start sewing wth this group. Would love to get your input and ideas.

Marcy McIntyre

I would love to help. Where do I take pillowcases?

Thelma Earegood

I would LOVE join in the rewarding fun. Please contact me at
Thelma / Flint, Mi

Kimberly D. Marshall

I’ve stayed in the hospital for over 2 months from a trauma. I cannot imagine what these kiddos go through. I would love to make pillow case’s and quick small hand made quilts to give to them. I’ve tried opening the “here are your instructions” but is says error each time. Please let me know how to get started.


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