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Triangle Units & Folded Corners

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Q&A with Donna Lynn Thomas

Joan Robertson asked:
I want this block pattern. Where can I get it?
Donna Lynn Thomas answered:
I'm glad you like it. It's one of my all time favorite blacks too. You should be able to download the cutting and assembly instructions for all four class blocks in the materials files.
timandbre874683 asked:
This is lovely! Do you remember the fabric line?
Donna Lynn Thomas answered:
The fabrics are from my stash and span many decades of collecting. I rarely use a collection in one quilt preferring to mix it all up. .
creacnt68906 asked:
Is the only way to get this pattern block pattern or name through purchasing the class?
Donna Lynn Thomas answered:
I call it Folded Box because the use of value creates a 3-D effect but the block itself is an oldie but goodie. I'm not sure what the original name was but you can probably find it in any of the block compendium books such as Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Patterns or Jinny Beyer's book of 5000 blocks. As for the actual cutting, sewing and pressing directions for my particular version, they are available to download from the Materials file for this class.
mamorse195476185 asked:
Can I purchase the pattern?
Donna Lynn Thomas answered:
Hi-- There's no need to buy the pattern if you have the class. It's available in the materials file along with the cutting and assembly instructions for the other three blocks used as teaching aids in this class.
mavogt18331749 asked:
How big is the center square?
Donna Lynn Thomas answered:
Its a 12" finished size block so the center square is 4" finished size. You can download and print the cutting and assembly instructions which are located in the materials files.