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Q&A with terrichil7463193

pnlbuck5418932761 asked:
Can I buy just the pattern for this quilt?
terrichil7463193 answered:
I looked on there it didnt show just the pattern. Maybe u can request just the pattern from their site
swillis2546956 asked:
What other backing color options ??
terrichil7463193 answered:
I used what ever i wanted to use or what i had.
barb.boud10459913 asked:
How big is the quilt?
terrichil7463193 answered:
Think it was a either a throw or twin. It been awhile since i gifted it
peggy1696917 asked:
What size quilt can you make with 2 kits? 3 kits?
terrichil7463193 answered:
With 2 or 3. It may be a big one..
snappychick asked:
I can't decide if it looks hard or easy... which is it? Have you used the pattern again?
terrichil7463193 answered:
It actually easy n yes i i used the pattern that came with the kit