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Spring Garden Crazy Quilt

What was your inspiration? I teach the techniques used to make this quilt in my Craftsy class: "Crazy Quilts."

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Crazy Quilts

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Crazy Quilts

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  • 1 yard (1 m) each muslin and fusible knit interfacing for block foundations; 16 fat eighths (23 x 56 cm) or large cotton scraps - buy the course kit from the Craftsy Shop (not required) or use your stash; 2/3 yard (0.6 m) backing fabric; 2/3 yard (0.6 m) flannel or drapery lining for batting; 2 1/2 yards (2.3 m) rat-tail cording or lace; Clear monofilament thread; Neutral 50-weight cotton thread; Fine machine needles
  • No. 60 or 70; Disappearing fabric marker; Assorted hand-sewing needles from fine to large-eyed; Beading needles and Nymo beading thread; Freezer paper; Glue stick; Lots of pins; For embroidery: 6-strand embroidery floss
  • DMC Floche thread

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I teach the techniques used to make this quilt in my Craftsy class: "Crazy Quilts."

Q&A with Allie Aller

trixie45 asked:
like this where do you get the pattern
Allie Aller answered:
The blocks are from our Class Materials. The embellishments just grew all over them!
MaggieMarl asked:
Wow! I'm just looking at the class, and I'm completely blown away by your handiwork. What an ad for this. It is absolutely beautiful You must be so proud of what you have achieved
Allie Aller answered:
It is just very very fun....I can't stop!
helentwre794528 asked:
This is absolutely beautiful. Are the yellow flowers raw edge applique? Also, what did you make those beautiful blue ones from? Just amazing, thanks for sharing
Allie Aller answered:
Both the yellow and blue flowers are fabric flowers from I simply attached them in their centers with beads or French knots. You can take apart high quality flowers from the crafts store and use those petals too. Try it, you'll like it!
kim3321060 asked:
This is great! What is the green motif running throughout the quilt? Is it embroidery or something else tacked or sewn on. The way you did the curls in it makes me think it's actually embroidery!
Allie Aller answered:
It is couched knitted ribbon...which is very flexible so can make those loop de loops very nicely. Once the ribbon was couched down, I did an outline around it with a continuous line of chanistitch. Glad you liked it!