Kinder Quilter

Soccer jersey quilt

You Can Make This

Kinder Quilter made Soccer jersey quilt with:

  • Jerseys from any sport. Mine are from AYSO. Batting
  • quilting
  • material for sashing and binding. Save the extra pieces for the border.

Q&A with Kinder Quilter

quiltingmomof5 asked:
Very nice. I love the unique idea of the multi colors around the border and intertwined in the quilt.
Kinder Quilter answered:
Thank you!
lalaslovelys asked:
these shirts look like the polyester type soccer jerseys. Did you use a fusible web on the back? If so what knid? knit or regular.
Kinder Quilter answered:
They are a polyester. Some have more stretch than others. I block each one, instead of using a stabilizer. I don't like the way it feels using that. I just continue to re-square each time. Hope this helps! Let me know if you need more help.
Lana Porter asked:
THANKS for the inspiration! I have saved ALL my sons jerseys from AYSO Soccer, COMP Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Track. Now he is in Air Force & I was trying to search for a way to make a memory quilt out of them. Yours looks AMAZING! I only hope I do even half as well as you did & I will be one happy MOM!! (The only class I failed in School, even through HS & College, was HomeEc with was sewing & cooking..)
Kinder Quilter answered:
Lana, holler if I can help you!! I have made them for other people. They send me a bag of shirts and I return them in the form of a quilt. Just let me know if you need help. Good luck!!
bigblue_5186820 asked:
This is awesome! How did you quilt this? Is it an all over pattern? or just quilted/Stitch in the ditch in the sashing?
Kinder Quilter answered:
I have done it different ways. Sometimes I quilt a design on the sashing part, I've also done it all over and other times I quilt it everywhere except on the numbers and names. All turn out great. I have to say quilting over the letters and numbers do leave tiny holes in the vinyl. That's just what the customer wanted.
Scuubydoo213 asked:
Hi, I love your quilt. The different color squares on the border really give this quilt that touch. I do not sew, but enjoy doing it when I get a chance which is not that often. In a post below you mentioned that folks may send you the jerseys and you create the quilt for them. What would you charge for something like that? I also was wondering what backing you used, but you used the term "re-square", what does that mean. I found a lady that would do the quilt for me, but I have not showed her this pic, She suggest I cut the squares, that it would save money and time. This my daughters Senior gift in June 2016. The extent of my sewing experience has been curtains and minor clothing.
Kinder Quilter answered:
Every t-shirt stretched differently. So after you cut the 12" square and sew the sashing on, it may not be square anymore. So you have to "re-square". Quilts run about $300 finished. I back with a cotton fabric and quilt over the whole top avoiding the designs on the t-shirts. I have quilted over everything for a customer (she wanted it like that), but the needle does leave little holes in the shirts. I hope this helps. Let me know if you want me do it for you.

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