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Sky Blossoms Crazy Quilt

What was your inspiration? I teach the techniques used to make this quilt in my Craftsy class: "Crazy Quilts."

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Allie Aller made Sky Blossoms Crazy Quilt with:

Crazy Quilts

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Crazy Quilts

with Allie Aller

  • 1 yard (1 m) each muslin and fusible knit interfacing for block foundations; 16 fat eighths (23 x 56 cm) or large cotton scraps - buy the course kit from the Craftsy Shop (not required) or use your stash; 2/3 yard (0.6 m) backing fabric; 2/3 yard (0.6 m) flannel or drapery lining for batting; 2 1/2 yards (2.3 m) rat-tail cording or lace; Clear monofilament thread; Neutral 50-weight cotton thread; Fine machine needles
  • No. 60 or 70; Disappearing fabric marker; Assorted hand-sewing needles from fine to large-eyed; Beading needles and Nymo beading thread; Freezer paper; Glue stick; Lots of pins; For embroidery: 6-strand embroidery floss
  • DMC Floche thread

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I teach the techniques used to make this quilt in my Craftsy class: "Crazy Quilts."

Q&A with Allie Aller

Teddymaker asked:
I love the colours and the composition. It reminds me of a crazy, lacy New York Beauty! So beautiful!
Allie Aller answered:
Thanks! I had such joy making this quilt...
Marcia Putman asked:
Wow, that's a beauty, the colors, and the embroidery stitches are lovely! I wish that a class could be taught here on craftsy for embroidery, so that some of us could pick up these types of skills, and create quilts like this.
Allie Aller answered:
Thank you so much! Ask them for it...and I would love to do a strictly Embellishment class for Craftsy!
Pats Design asked:
This design speaks to my heart! Blues are my favorite, but there must be a balance of other colors to make the appealing. Blues can also put me to sleep; which is not as appealing to me. The white give it energy along with undulating line in the white.
Allie Aller answered:
Thanks so much. The blues need all that fresh warm color to wake them up!
scootersandi asked:
This quilt is amazing to me because it looks like there's a lightbulb underneath it! The colors are just beautiful. I love every one of your samples and HAVE to take this class. But I'm a beginner - never quilted anything but 1 mug rug so far. I am currently watching a "how to quilt" video(Craftsy) to learn some basics. Once I get some knowledge, I will be taking your class, as I've found that crazy quilts are the ones I love most! They're so entertaining to look at - I could stare at yours for hours!
Allie Aller answered:
Thanks so much! You are wise to get some basic quiltmaking skills in hand before starting out on crazy quilting...but believe me, the sewing is very forgiving compared to traditional "sane" quilts!
L. Homer asked:
This is beautiful and well thought out, well done, lovely work.
Allie Aller answered:
I appreciate it!

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