shiloh block

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youhave_me2 made shiloh block with:

Re-Piecing the Past

Online Class

Re-Piecing the Past

with Kaye England

  • cotton and solids

Q&A with youhave_me2

Sewingnana11 asked:
What a beautiful the colors. I have just started this class and have enjoyed it so far.....anxious to see yours all together
youhave_me2 answered:
thank you Sewingnana11, I am working on my last big block, and then comes the fill in blocks to get together, I am very excited about it.
Tanya W. asked:
Great colors!
youhave_me2 answered:
Thank you Tanya W. This has been quite an adventure for me, and have really enjoyed it, I am working on the different little blocks to connect all blocks.
JennysCreations asked:
love the colours zand the way that the block has come together
youhave_me2 answered:
Thank you JennysCreations, I enjoyed so much doing these blocks, now I am working on the connectioning

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