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Read All About It Quiltworx Dresden Plate Wall Hanging

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Jackie Kunkel made Read All About It Quiltworx Dresden Plate Wall Hanging with:

Paper Piecing the Quiltworx Dresden Plate

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Paper Piecing the Quiltworx Dresden Plate

with Jackie Kunkel

Q&A with Jackie Kunkel

baxte12052 asked:
I love Dresden plates, but I think I will wait until another class comes along, because I don't care for the look of theses dresden plates! Good luck with the class, and I will look forward to another one.
Jackie Kunkel answered:
No worries... However, keep in mind that in this class you are learning a technique as well. So possibly it may be worth it for the technique? Just a suggestion... ;)
Bobbiequilts2 asked:
Love your pattern and can't wait to start. Think I will let the hubby pick out the colors so he's involved.
Jackie Kunkel answered:
Thank you!!! I am intrigued, looking forward to seeing what your hubby and you create together!
keelyerin asked:
I had a similar question - the pattern itself doesn't really appeal to me, but my favorite Quiltworx certified shop is over 1000 miles away. Would this class give me what I need to be able to translate the skill to other Quiltworx patterns? I've started one, and I can follow it, but I'm looking for tips, tricks, ways to make it easier and more understandable like I'd get in an in-person class. Thanks so much.
Jackie Kunkel answered:
Absolutely! This class will show you the paper piecing technique and methods used in working with Quiltworx patterns. It will be extremely helpful to you in going through the other patterns. I am sure you will find it worth your while! Hope to see you in class!
Gladys2012 asked:
So Beautiful!!!
Jackie Kunkel answered:
Thank you!!
jeffreyh18708670 asked:
I signed up for this class and paid and can't find how to get the video
Jackie Kunkel answered:
Just go to you profile and click on my classes and it should be there. Also, Craftsy should have sent you an e-mail and you should have a link there too. Welcome to the class!