Created by: Beckskosh

Rag Quilt

You Can Make This

Beckskosh made Rag Quilt with:

  • Three Layer Cake packs or 60 10inx10in squares plus 30 10x10 in squares of batting.

Q&A with Beckskosh

MizKarin asked:
did you use flannel or ordinary cotton fabric? I do love your project - Mizkarin
Beckskosh answered:
I used regular cotton fabric but I so want to do one in flannel to. Thanks!!
Just A Girl asked:
Will any kind of material work for this quilt? From cotton, rayon, knit and sweaters, etc?
Beckskosh answered:
I used cotton and fleece would be good for it to. Rayon, knit and sweater maybe not so much but you could aalways play around and see if it could work.
showgirl91498859 asked:
very nice piece
Beckskosh answered:
Booky asked:
I have made many of these quilts...mostly for new babies. You can use almost any material for them. Not sure about sweaters though.... I have seen nice ones made out of old jeans as well. It just has to be a fabric that will give you that good fringe..I usually will take to the laundramat to wash after and especially for the dryer.. Creates ALOT of lint! Have sharp little scissors for the clipping. I love these quilts! Great for beginners!! I use flannel and no batting.
Beckskosh answered:
Yes I had tons of lint after i washed it but the effect is well worth and I think it is a great first quilt.
Brewandcrew asked:
My daughter in law and I make these as well as rag purses...visit us on Face book...On The Rag Designs or
Beckskosh answered:
I have done a few rag purses as well. You can check them out on y site:

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