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You Can Quilt It! Strategies for Custom Quilting

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littlewom6200664 asked:
I am a beginner ,,I have patches or shapes already to show together n am waiting for my aunt to come c me so I can get started ,,,I have never done quilting but it has been A DREAM OF MINE ,,,I do crochet n pretty much taught myself, with books back in 1980 n other people showing me,,
Debby Brown answered:
I can't wait to see what you do!
Ladybev asked:
I just wondered WHY this class wasn't announced for finishing the 2015 Jinny Beyer quilt, at the end of class in December. It was never mentioned by her. Leah Day's Stitiching A Sampler was available right there at the end of the BOM 2012. I bought it. I already finshed one of 3 King size quilts I made and this sure would have been very helpful.
Debby Brown answered:
I don't know why it wasn't mentioned but I"m so glad you found this class!
roxebrown10618008 asked:
i just purchased the 2015 Block of the Month fabric but did not receive the the instructions nor can I find how to download them. I am currently making the 2016 Block of the Month quilt but I am a fast sewer and need something else to do while waiting for the next months instructions.
Debby Brown answered:
Have you found your instructions? If you go to Jinny's class, it is in the materials section.
Marg Sheppard-Tilley asked:
i would like to know were i can get a pattern of dallas cowboys star
Debby Brown answered:
I'm so sorry that I don't know! Have you found a pattern online?
andre-hel6081595 asked:
tres beau modele
Debby Brown answered:
Thank you!