Created by: Caro Sheridan

Pixel Pusher

What are you most proud of? Start to finish, it came straight outta my brain.

You Can Make This

Caro Sheridan made Pixel Pusher with:

  • Kona Cottons
  • Warm and Natural batting

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Start to finish, it came straight outta my brain.

Q&A with Caro Sheridan

Scheri Manson asked:
Is this the quilt we will make in the craftsy Free class? The pre-packed fabric kit looks like these fabric.
Caro Sheridan answered:
Thanks Scheri! The kit is actually for the eye quilt called Don't Blink, not this one. asked:
What was the original picture? I am trying to "fuzz" my eyes, but cannot see it.
Caro Sheridan answered:
No original photo, I just wanted to see what would happen if I exploded some bits off a solid wall.
bookmoth asked:
I know there is a class for quilts similar to this, but I have a questions about making this that I hope you can answer easily. Do you have a drawing or sketch of where the pieces of cloth connect, and how big each piece is? Did you make in in blocks or strips? Where there are 2 white pixels next to each other, surrounded by green, are they two 2x2 in'' squares sewn together, or a rectangle 2x4 in''?
Caro Sheridan answered:
It's constructed in blocks, like a normal 4 patch quilt block would be. Depending where each pixel is in the block is what determines the size.
SamanthaLurie asked:
I saw something similar to this in Quilting with a Modern Slant. Is there somewhere to buy the pattern? My son would love a grey and orange version.
Caro Sheridan answered:
This is the exact same one from the book! No pattern as yet. I'm working on it, albeit slowly.
SamanthaLurie asked:
What size were the pieces?
Caro Sheridan answered:
They're 2" squares.

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