Created by: Duckstar

Over Dying and Trying AGAIN!

You Can Make This

Duckstar made Over Dying and Trying AGAIN! with:

The Art of Cloth Dyeing

Online Class

The Art of Cloth Dyeing

with Jane Dunnewold

  • Pro MX Dyes
  • medium weight linen
  • silk crepe de chine

Q&A with Duckstar

Ev Thompson asked:
I think this piece is really pretty. Did you pleat and put clothes pins all along the pleats or did you fold the fabric the opposite way before you pinned it. I can see the lines going in both directions.
Duckstar answered:
Hi! I did a regular accordian pleat and them jammed the clothespins - cool plastic ones from Ikea - on every available spot. It looked like a starburst.
SharonTM asked:
I really like the colors in this piece. What two colors did you use?
Duckstar answered:
I used straight Mixing Red. Great color on linen.

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