Ombre Stripes baby quilt

You Can Make This

Bethry made Ombre Stripes baby quilt with:

  • Simply Color by V and Co
  • Kona cotton in White
  • Les Amis

Q&A with Bethry

Annie Loo asked:
I really wish you hadn't used a 'tilt-shift' effect on the only close up photo of this blanket. I would have liked to see the ripple effect better.
Bethry answered:
It's not really an effect, just my camera lens... the 'ripples' are just from the fabric crinkling after washing anyway, the whole thing was just straight-line quilted every inch apart. :-)
Love2qlt asked:
Second request would you share your pattern?.
Bethry answered:
Sorry, no pattern, I just used 2.5" strips and played it by ear.