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New Moon by Jinny Beyer

Another beautiful pattern from Jinny - I just love her designs! I like to put my own touch so I piped all the borders then very densely ruler quilted it. Very happy with result.

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New Moon Quilt Kit


New Moon Quilt Kit

by Jinny Beyer featuring RJR Jinny Beyer Palette

Project Description

Another beautiful pattern from Jinny - I just love her designs! I like to put my own touch so I piped all the borders then very densely ruler quilted it. Very happy with result.

Q&A with kembroke5411101

Lace Faerie asked:
OMGosh! That's stunning! I love your idea of piping the borders! Really adds dimension.
kembroke5411101 answered:
Why thank you!! It was a kit that my husband bought me for a birthday present and I just wanted to put my own twist on a pattern that probably 100's of people had made up. Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Xx
rjshaffer1407927 asked:
The paper piecing sheets are so big??? How did everyone else do them?? Do you have to go and get them so enlarged at a special shop?? I got the material and pattern, but now am overwhelmed with the pattern?? HELP!!
kembroke5411101 answered:
Haha yes they are quite big but they are very easy to sew. I just copied the original on my home printer onto foundation paper making sure the 2" sizing square is the same on your copy. It is a bit daunting when you see how many you have to do, but just take a deep breath and start either the pineapple blocks or the star - don't do both at the same time , you can get confused! I cut all the pieces needed first and put them in piles in order so for the pineapple the centre square is on top followed by numbers 1, 2, etc etc. Once you've done the first block which takes about half an hour once you get going, you'll realise it's not that hard after all! Don't be scared of the pattern- it's honestly not as hard as it looks at first glimpse! Good luck and feel free to ask anything else and show us your finished project!! Jo xx
kathleenh17444557 asked:
I would love to do this but am so glad the lady above wrote. The Star block scares me. I have never done paper piecing. I helped a friend with it once and I figured it out but that put me off trying it. What is drafting paper? I don't have a printer. is it really difficult?
kembroke5411101 answered:
Hi Kathleen! No it’s not that difficult honestly - a knowledge of paper piecing certainly helps, and it does take a long time to do all those blocks! It’s not drafting paper - it’s called Foundation Paper and it’s very similar to unprinted newspaper. I buy it off eBay - look for Jenny Doak paper, she’s the queen of paper piecing and check out her videos on YouTube. It is easier if you can print your own papers but you can always take them to a print shop, but printers are so cheap these days it’s worth buying one. Just make sure that little block always measures the same as the original and you’ll have no trouble. The stars are really easy, once you’ve done the first couple you’ll get into your stride and you’ll be away! Take a big breath, sort out the paperwork and go for it! You’ll be very glad you did when you have this lovely finished quilt in front of you. Keep in touch if you have any more questions - I’m happy to help!! Xxx
michelebreault asked:
How do you print foundations when they are 13.5" wide and paper is only 8.5" wide?
kembroke5411101 answered:
I did take the pineapple paper pieced block to my local print shop and got them to enlarge them onto A3 paper, because as you say they are too big on a A4 printer. However I messed one up so I printed a full size one again on my little printer quarter by quarter on 4 A4 sheets then cut and sellotaped them together. Does that make sense? Worked fine and sewed easily, you just have to watch when you remove the papers afterwards as the tape doesn’t tear as easily! As I’ve said on previous questions, do make sure you tell the shop about the 2” square printing size check! If you get that wrong then nothing will fit together....! Hope this helps! Good luck and enjoy making it, I’m going to start Moon Glow soon!
kaie asked:
Hi - I'm struggling with the pineapple blocks - how do I know where to place the diagonals. I have checked out YouTube for paper pieced pineapple blocks but their templates all have the diagonal lines drawn in. Help !!! Many thanks, Karin
kembroke5411101 answered:
Hi Karin, I’m not sure what you mean - are you talking about when you piece the block or where you place the block in the quilt? If it’s in the piecing, the diagonals go from top right to bottom left and top left to bottom right. You start at the centre small block and following the numbers, build the design up. If you have the pattern, page 2 clearly shows where ieach block should be placed and in which order. If for some reason you don’t, come back on here and I’ll send you a photo of the placements. Hope this helps....? Xx

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