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Q&A with aggoldber1827219

pianoplay1232964 asked:
I love what you did with the hair too! I've been trying to figure out what to do with mine and I'm inspired by yours.
aggoldber1827219 answered:
Thank you! I liked the fabric pattern so much that I used it, even though it's darker than my hair. So you might want to search your stash with an eye for the pattern above the color.
Sewgirl81858789 asked:
Can this lesson be used to make a boy portrait? My family has lots of boys.
aggoldber1827219 answered:
Sure, why not? If you left out the necklace on mine, it would look like a black t-shirt. Make the lips lighter, cut the hair to look like your boys' hair (and add ears if necessary), etc and there you go!