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Lotus Henna

I made it and it was a challenge . I hand pieced hand appliqué , and hand quilted it

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TeeToequilts made Lotus Henna with:

Lotus Quilt Kit


Lotus Quilt Kit

by Jinny Beyer featuring RJR Jinny Beyer Palette

Project Description

I made it and it was a challenge . I hand pieced hand appliqué , and hand quilted it

Q&A with TeeToequilts

apronsbya4211933 asked:
I just purchased the lotus quilt kit I think it's more then I can handle does anyone know of a vidio or have some tips?
TeeToequilts answered:
It’s only time and patience. I gave it try. The directions were good. Please read through the pattern and number your fabric. You will have to draw your appliqué pieces. I bagged and numbered each item. You will need to understand the procedure for fabric strata . But you can do it ❤️ Theresa Johnson
Toni C. asked:
Hi, I have been longing to do a Jinny quilt and I love the Lotus, I consider myself a intermediate to experienced quilter. Just how hard is this quilt would you say? I have read other quilters comments on some of here other quilts and they say her directions are hard to understand. Thank - you for your input. Toni
TeeToequilts answered:
It wasn’t hard, you only have to be committed to it. I made all the appliqué pieces first. And bagged and numbered each placement. I also, had to read and follow the pattern. The colors is the key in order to create a beautiful lone star. Try it. If you have any further questions please let me know. If not Jinny is helpful . Theresa Johnson ❤️
twinlake asked:
I didn't get my pattern for the appique ,was it separate, just a picture? ???
TeeToequilts answered:
The pattern was on tissue paper inside the kit. I had to trace the pieces in the window on typing paper . If you have a light box it would work also. Add seam allowance to each piece, label each piece and keep in envelopes .
artcheryl asked:
What color did you use for quilting thread? Can anyone suggest best color for Amazon Colorway? For tips, I found Jinny Beyer's Appliquick was great to draw applique patterns and iron on wrong side of fabric, cut with 1/4 inch seams to turn under. Sewline fabric glue worked the best for turning seam allowance under. You have to turn seams before they dry.
TeeToequilts answered:
I used black and variegated hand quilting thread

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