Wazoo Sue

Jots and Dots quilt

You Can Make This

Wazoo Sue made Jots and Dots quilt with:

  • The Twister tool
  • quilt fabric
  • buttons.

Q&A with Wazoo Sue

Denise S asked:
Love the button additions. It is the perfect complement. And pooh on hubby. It it bold not busy. Bravely going where no quilter has gone before. Maybe a touch more of black in the center would make it less busy and more bold??? Do they make a faceted black button or rhinestone? I would try that where the yellow button is on the red twister and on the center of a few jots.
Wazoo Sue answered:
I won first place in the small quilt category. Who knew? Since the show, I have given it to a friend who just went nuts over it.
Darns asked:
Crazy fun! Especially the tabs in the border!
Wazoo Sue answered:
Thanks, Darns! It did win a ribbon after all. LOL