Holly leaves and berries border

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marie.sav11463660 made Holly leaves and berries border with:

Creative Free-Motion Techniques: From Doodle to Design

Online Class

Creative Free-Motion Techniques: From Doodle to Design

with Lori Kennedy

  • I used wool batting and almond green cotton thread

Q&A with marie.sav11463660

Brenda P asked:
Beautiful! Your holly leaves and berries are so perfect! Did you draw them out on the quilt first? (My holly leaves always look like lips when viewed from the sides. Your leaves look so much better and are wider - maybe that is the key. I'll try that next time I stitch holly leaves! - Thanks for that idea!)
marie.sav11463660 answered:
Yes Brenda I drew the leaves before quilting and then I stitched twice because it was not showing enough. As I am a beginner, for the time being I am not good at echoing, so I did my best to be as much as possible on the same line. Thank you for your comment. Best wishes for your holly leaves !
blingbabe11677324 asked:
Your holly leaves are just wonderful! I like the way you twisted them and added a curlique between them. Very nice!
marie.sav11463660 answered:
Thank you for your kind comment. I learnt a lot from Lori Kennedy's classes. She often uses curly lines to add several motives together.