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gmccroy@outlook.com asked:
I've watched the whole class now but since I'm in the process of moving I haven't done any projects. I was so thrilled with the class though that I ordered Eileen's new book. It came yesterday and I'm so excited. There are several projects and a few quilts with all of the designs included on a disk. There is also a Sewing with Nancy episode that Eileen is on. I haven't watched that yet.
Eileen Roche answered:
Hi Georgia - there is also video on the CD in the book - very similar to what Nancy & I did on her show. You might find that helpful. Thank you for purchasing the book! Enjoy!
TerryChase asked:
Eileen: I'm interested in this class though I'm currently doing projects for two and have a third yet to start. Please let me know if your designs can be done on a 6" wide hoop. I have. a Bernina that came out before the new larger hoops. Will that work for your designs? Thanks for the help in advance.
Eileen Roche answered:
Hi TerryChase! The designs for the small Hourglass quilt fit in a 5" x 7" sewing field. You didn't say the whole size of your hoop - but 5" x 7" is a very basic size. I hope your machine has that sewing field. I'd love to have you in the class!

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