Dupioni Silk Wholecloth

What are you most proud of? pushing the limits of my computerized system

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Malrene made Dupioni Silk Wholecloth with:

Design It, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques

Online Class

Design It, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques

with Cindy Needham

  • Dupioni silk
  • 80/20 cotton batting and 100% wool batting. Deco-bob thread. Computerized longarm machine

Project Description

What are you most proud of? pushing the limits of my computerized system

Q&A with Malrene

tywoodman asked:
Malrene, you are my hero! This is beautiful beyond words. I haven't invested in the computerized component of my long arm yet...I was afraid if I got it to begin with I would solely rely on the computer. But this is absolutely breath taking!
Malrene answered:
Thank you for the compliment. I've found that computerized systems have some limitations as well, besides, I enjoy freemotion feathers and fills, so I hope my next project will incorporate both.
Meg Byrne asked:
This is amazing! What does computerised mean? Did the machine do it? The planning and coherence of the design is beautiful and the choice of motifs is inspired. Can't wait to see your next one. Did it take very long from planning to finishing?
Malrene answered:
Thank you! The machine stitched out the designs, which was computer controlled. The designing took several hours in the software program. I didn't time the stitching, but I would say that it was about 10 hours total over 3 days.
lmiles1112624669 asked:
what pattern is this and could it be used to hand quilt as well? I love to hand quilt and have made a sampler about 15 years ago. It was from the Patchwork Place company. Ive inquired at shops in the past for any new ones but no luck thanks
Malrene answered:
HI. Unfortunately the pattern is a computerized design specifically made for stitching out using a computer controlled robotic system. To my knowledge there's no way to turn it into something that you would be able to hand quilt.
carol sherwood asked:
love love love it, long arm or domestic machine? do you have any patterns? beautiful
Malrene answered:
Thank you! I have a longarm machine which is computerized. Unfortunately the patterns used are specifically for a robotics system.
dkgoslow889435 asked:
I love this quilt are you going to sell the pattern!:) I'd love to try it! What is dupoini silk is it cotton. Thanks for sharing
Malrene answered:
Thanks! Dupioni is a type of silk. It's what gives the nice sheen to the quilt. I have a computerized longarm machine, so the patterns used are specifically for a robotics system.