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211ssw asked:
I already have large group of classes but last night watched video of shop owners pre-show opening-your husband was setting up booth while you handled (quite well with humor delivered professionally!), commented re- divorce being out of the question but....alternative offered. You have children's book coming out soon- all this is only if I've FINALLY reached you as this person! Please just let me know if it was you in the Moda topic meeting, obviously the name wasn't included in the video. Your presentation, while lengthy was very effectively done, Craftsy class mentioned at end- by then, you had established yourself well, if it WAS you. Your profile here doesn't really fit you with Heart Content, children's book & exactly what you'll cover...Are you or do you recognize the person I've described? I really need to know!
Edyta Sitar answered:
Hello, it is me :) Happy Quilting Edyta
SuzieQuzie asked:
Really enjoyed this class. I just love your patterns/books and the colors you choose for your quilts. You are such an inspiration to me.
Edyta Sitar answered:
Thank you for your kind words and I am so glad that you enjoyed the class! Edyta
Sharon A Peters asked:
Your Colors are perfect! Your stitching is superior! Your explanations are so precise. Making you a perfect quilter! I wanted your class only because I knew you are a perfect quilter. Sharon
Edyta Sitar answered:
Hello Sharon, thank you so much, you made my day :). Edyta