Diagonal Strip Charity Quilt Top

You Can Make This

AllThatPatchwor made Diagonal Strip Charity Quilt Top with:

  • cotton fabrics

Q&A with AllThatPatchwor

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Very simple, but putting the stripes on the diagonal gives it movement and life. What next? I hope you will finally take a break and sew some beautiful quilts for yourself.
AllThatPatchwor answered:
I still have a few more completed charity quilt tops to photograph, so I'll probably post those within a few days. Then I think I only have enough "bottom of the barrel" donation fabrics left to make about two more quilt tops. They'll probably just be "ugly quilts" and I might not even post them. At that point I'll just dump the donated scraps that are left. Then it will be time to start making clothes for my trip to Minnesota. Yeah!

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