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Courthouse Steps Block

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Piece by Piece: Quilt-As-You-Go Techniques

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Piece by Piece: Quilt-As-You-Go Techniques

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Q&A with Marti Michell

bettyreev8637111 asked:
Does all of the material come with this all the blocks cou out? Let n Me know bettyreeves 1134 @ please E
Marti Michell answered:
Sorry, this is not a kit. The instructions are in the class materials.
Kerryn Herrick asked:
is this quilt hard.; i am a beginner and not sure waht to start on
Marti Michell answered:
Many people start with a log cabin quilt, however, probably the easiest is the layer cake string quilt. asked:
Love this quilt block. Want to try it
Marti Michell answered:
It really is a popular block!
carolunde10804289 asked:
I need help picking out colors. These oranges and golds look great together but how did you come up with the col8r scheme and placement of the colors?
Marti Michell answered:
Hey Carol, These are blocks that will go in a quilt that has all of these colors in what I call the "theme" fabric, which is a large print with fall colors that will be in the border. Pick assorted fabrics from the theme fabric that are light for one hald and some that are dark for the other. I love a scrappy look, but if you want a little calmer lok, try using only one fabric on the light side of the block and two consecutive strips of each dark fabric on the other half of the block.
kjspan2007236126 asked:
Does this include fabric?
Marti Michell answered:
No, this is not a kit project.