Civil War Cats & Rats

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SusanG50 made Civil War Cats & Rats with:

Beyond Basic Machine Quilting

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Beyond Basic Machine Quilting

with Ann Petersen

  • Cottons.

Q&A with SusanG50

renatal197459244 asked:
Thank you Susan. I just found it on Amazon. Ebay was out. I think I bought the last one.
SusanG50 answered:
Have fun with it.
almost irish asked:
I love this!!! How did you get your shapes so realistic? so much fun to look at.
SusanG50 answered:
Just a pattern I found on e-bay.
skmgardens asked:
at first glance, I thought you had (real) black kittens running Around on your quilt- I LOVE your quilt! How large is the quilt?
SusanG50 answered:
approx. 45" square.
craftydaw730809 asked:
I adore this quilt I love Cats. How did you make the cats is it a template?
SusanG50 answered:
Had a pattern on paper. Taped pattern to window, put black fabric over, and traced with a white chalk pencil. Cut out, basted under seam allowance, and sewed to quilt.
Francesca Nardi asked:
i love it, where can i buy this pattern please?
SusanG50 answered:
It's really called "Amish Cats and Rats." Pattern dated 1984 by Amity publications. Don't know if they are still around or if you might find it on E-bay.