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Blazing Star top

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sandy000 made Blazing Star top with:

2017 Blazing Star Block of the Month

Class + Kit

2017 Blazing Star Block of the Month

Includes online lessons with Nancy McNally

  • Craftsy's Blazing Star fabric kit or adapt to your own stock.

Q&A with sandy000

gwaubert16924218 asked:
How much does this kit cost?
sandy000 answered:
Hi qwaubert6924218 I am in Australia, so at the time the kit cost me $118 AUD. That was for the top fabric only which I purchased from Craftsy. I purchased the backing separately, locally for $50 and probably spent another $100 on batting and cottons, so in all a total cost of $268.
gwaubert16924218 asked:
How long will it take to complete?
sandy000 answered:
Piecing the top was approximately 132 hours, and it took me a whole day, approx. 8 hours, pinning the sandwich, which I took into work and was able to use one of the large tables there. That was a big help as I didn't have the room at home. Stitching in the ditch has taken me probably 36 hours. I just do a little at a time when I can, so to be more specific with my hours is difficult. I am currently still working on it but now that I have done the stitch in the ditch all over, I would like to try my hand at dot to dot free motion quilting. Will post another picture when it is completed.
Terra123 asked:
How big is this quilt
sandy000 answered:
Mine turned out to be 100 x 100 inches which is only an inch larger each way than Craftsy specifications. It's what I would call a super king size :)
JimsQueenie asked:
Hello, When you quoted the cost did you mean AUD or US dollar? I think you meant AUD which is higher than in the states. Just wondering. Also, I bought two full kits for this quilt as I thought I would have to borrow some of the fabrics to increase the quilt size to a king for my nephew who fell in love with this pattern when I showed it to him. I am wondering, now, if I would be able to make 2 king sized quilts and just add extra borders to make them California King size? You didn't say you used any extra fabrics to make the top so I thought I would ask. You have made an extremely beautiful quilt and I will be proud to make one or two as wonderful!!! Peace and blessings to you in Australia, Vicki Robles
sandy000 answered:
Hi Vicki... yes I did mean AUD. My bed is a queen size and the quilt drapes over both sides of it, measuring 100 x 100 inches, so I'm not sure how that size would differ from a Californian King size. I used one full kit which was plenty for the quilt I made as pictured. I have just completed the top stitching and binding so have included a couple of updated photo's. Thank you for your kind words, Sandy Ryan

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