Created by: Laura Wasilowski

Bird on the Wing (detail)

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Q&A with Laura Wasilowski

hjs asked:
Thanks so much for posting your completed projects and detail of bird. I missed the directions for the outline stitch for bird; looks like you used what i call a stem stitch; i used what I call a backstitch, i think you call it a straight stitch. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Thanks. I also used 3 strands of floss which appears to be thicker then the pearl cotton threads you recommend. I need to buy the pearl cotton threads to determine # of strands to use. Loved the Pistil Stitch and Sheaf Stitch. So fun!
Laura Wasilowski answered:
The Stem Stitch, Outline Stitch, and Back Stitch are very similar and any one of them would work to outline the Bird's body. The Straight Stitch is used just on the tips of his tail to make a few lines.
iphonewannabe asked:
Superior work!! A+++++ Love the straight stitching, Sweetie- hope your spreading your love around! You can see the hours this took to complete, but I bet the finished project was fantastic. Awesome job!
Laura Wasilowski answered:
It was fun! Thanks for stopping by!
FaithJ asked:
LOVE your birds!!
Laura Wasilowski answered:
Me too! Birds are such beautiful creatures.
Luxyanne asked:
Really sweet! Beautiful embellishments.
Laura Wasilowski answered:
Thank you!

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