Amanda Jean Nyberg

baby row by row quilt finished

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Amanda Jean Nyberg made baby row by row quilt finished with:

Colorful Scrap Quilting

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Colorful Scrap Quilting

with Amanda Jean Nyberg

  • various solids from my scrap bin and gray and white polka dot for sashing

Q&A with Amanda Jean Nyberg

KarenHarlee asked:
No fan blades on this one! :) It is stunning. Such tasteful color choices and layout!
Amanda Jean Nyberg answered:
Nope! The fan blades were too large in scale for the smaller quilt. Thank you for your kind words about this quilt! AJ
43retro asked:
This is a really gorgeous quilt! I love the color combination and layout. Thanks for the inspiration.
Amanda Jean Nyberg answered:
thanks so much!
Renée Landry asked:
Interesting to see how the look completely changes with a different fabric choice. I don't know which one I like better. They're both really nice. :-)
Amanda Jean Nyberg answered:
Thank you so much, Renee! It is always interesting to me to see how the fabric choices change the look of a pattern. Endlessly fascinating!
shinywhit9294704 asked:
Hi- I have 3 full Christmas charm packs 3 that I could coordinate together. Would I be able to us them in this quilt class?
Amanda Jean Nyberg answered:
Yes, you could use them in this class, but you would need to add additional coordinating pieces for some of the larger pieces in the blocks. I think you should go for it!
shinywhit9294704 asked:
Thank you for response re: charm pack. Since I don't know the measurements, can you tell me which row will nee Improvising? Then I can plan ahead and watch for it. Yes, I am a newbie! ;)
Amanda Jean Nyberg answered:
Are you making the baby version or the larger? For the baby version you will need larger pieces for the outside pieces of the squares in squares blocks and for the hourglass blocks. If you are making the larger version of the quilt, let me know and I can help you further. :)