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Amish Medallion Outline Drawing

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Carl Hentsch made Amish Medallion Outline Drawing with:

2016 Summer Block of the Month

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2016 Summer Block of the Month

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Q&A with Carl Hentsch

Sama D asked:
Thank you for posting this. I had printed the course materials in grey scale but I was having trouble coloring it in. I think I'm going to use only greens blues and purples but I wanted to color it out before I cut.
Carl Hentsch answered:
can't wait to see what you choose
1/2 Pint asked:
I had to double click the image, then right click and "save as" to save. I could then print as a full page. If I print from this page I get all the extra words.
Carl Hentsch answered:
thanks for the info
1/2 Pint asked:
Carl, Maybe you could have Craftsy add it to the materials list page. Just a suggestion.
Carl Hentsch answered:
They won't add anything new - only corrects to pattern as needed
Kimberly Cowger asked:
This is my first "live" BOM that I've done. I've done several before, so this will be fun as we go through the class month by month. Thanks for the page! I, too, want, to use my stash, and coloring it in will be awesome to figure out what goes where.
Carl Hentsch answered:
Can't wait to see what fabrics you use
Robertina Downes asked:
I have very limited paper piecing experience and loved how the first lesson was clear and had plenty of tips on achieving a good accurate points
Carl Hentsch answered:
Thank you