A view from the nautilus

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ckcowl made A view from the nautilus with:

Introduction to Bargello

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Introduction to Bargello

with Karen Gibbs

  • Cotton blues for Bargello background
  • cotton panels to fussy cut sea life. Cotton flannel backing
  • dream wool batting

Q&A with ckcowl

nccatbird asked:
Oh my goodness. This is amazing. What vision you must have to think of this application. Perfection!
ckcowl answered:
My hubby's ( vision). He wanted a submarine porthole looking out at the ocean...took me a long time to wrap my head around it. :)
nccatbird asked:
What are the dimensions?
ckcowl answered:
96" X 96". The porthole circle is 76" round. The porthole ( gray) is 5" the dark mottled black frame/ border is another 5" .
yarnovermatter asked:
How magnificent! Mind-blowing, really. I just cannot fathom (no pun intended) how you incorporated the sea-life fussy-cuts -- are they all appliqued, or pieced-in somehow? Again, just an astonishingly beautiful masterpiece!
ckcowl answered:
We spent a few months picking up every fabric we came across with sea life, fish, corals on it. The sea turtle and octopus was part of a panel I found. After creating the Bargello ( ocean) and the porthole frame I then started picking out the sea life I thought would be good. I fused heat n bond lite to the back of many fabrics, the panel, etc. and spent hours cutting out all the seaweed, corals, fish, sea life. When I had many ( enough to make a couple more ocean quilts) I moved all the furniture in the living room, laid the quilt out on the floor, dropped the big bag with all the pieces in it next to my hubby & said....ok, populate your ocean. He crawled around placing everything, I took my iron & fused each piece in place just enough to hold them So I could pick it up- went back to the sewing room & proceeded to stitch each and every piece into place. Then I added the black square background frame to the round porthole, loaded it up & quilted it.