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Making T-Shirt Quilts

Turn your T-shirts into a memory quilt to celebrate a graduation, retirement or another life event. Learn how to make your own with our resources, supplies and more.


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From Start To Finish

For easy-to-follow instruction that will transform your tees into a smile-worthy keepsake, check out our step-by-step online video class with Sara Snuggerud. It's the perfect place to start, even for true beginners.

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The Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt

Experienced quilters, this is the T-shirt class for you! See how to work with shirts of different sizes, adding fillers, borders and more to really make it yours. It's all inside our HD online video class that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

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Creative T-Shirt Quilt Ideas

Need a little inspiration for showing off your shirts? See 6 fun ways to change up the look of your T-shirt quilt and make it truly unique.

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