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Forever Mod

All the blues you could ever need.

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The perfect range of blues like your favorite pair of jeans. Create beautifully blue designs with this unique collection.


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Denim. Whimsical. Textured.

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Playful prints and cheerful hues at prices that'll make you smile.

Dream Chaser

Get lost in a daydream with Pippa Shaw’s 4th fabric collection for Lily & Loom! These light and airy precuts feature whimsical designs of flowers, birds and feathers – perfect for bedding, kids items and more.

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Girl's Trip

Make matching totes for your friends or bedding for your favorite gal. These not-so-basics are great for stash building and easy to pair with other basic prints.

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Mystic Dawn

Inspired by Monet's Water Lilies, these jewel-tone precuts are sure to make a cool impression. Shades of blue, green and purple combine with playful florals to create a unique canvas texture — the perfect backdrop for your next work of art.

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High Seas

Drift away with Lily & Loom’s latest collection, High Seas. Pippa Shaw designed a sea of charming clams, dancing starfish and whimsical whales all swimming through a soft coral and navy palette. These serene prints of calm waves and playful ocean critters are perfect for days by the shore or sharing with another sea spirit!

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Square One

Get back to square one with these colorful trendsetting basics designed to be the foundation for your endless imagination. In five distinct colorways, this collection is a playful mix of cool greys, vibrant hues and cheeky motifs. Pick and choose the perfect combination for your next colorwork project.

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Madison Park

Inspired by 70’s psychedelic prints, these retro fabrics feature punchy florals and geometric designs. With a balance of bold and muted hues Madison Park vibes well with others.

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Modern Hand Drawn

These contemporary prints feature geometric, hand-sketched designs and a wide variety of complimentary colors that are perfect for mixing and matching.

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All the fabric, notions and instruction you need for your next quilting adventure.