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Binding A Quilt

It's the home stretch — time to add the binding to your quilt! Whether you want a sew a traditional binding or add some decorative detail, we have the tutorials and supplies you need.

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Binding Perfection, Achieved!

Master the art of the finish with online video lessons from Susan Cleveland, an award-winning quilter. Learn how to cut and join binding strips easily, plus try her genius method for joining the tails.

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Beyond Basic Binding

When it comes to bindings, the options are endless! Learn decorative binding techniques in this online class, where you'll see how to add trims, ruffles or prairie points; apply binding to curved edges; and even use the backing fabric as the binding. This is a must-have resource for any seasoned quilter.

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Making the Cut

How much fabric do you need to bind your quilt? Here's a simple formula to calculate the number of strips and yardage you need. Don't worry — it's easier than math class!

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Turning the Corner

Get perfect mitered corners every time! Follow this six-step tutorial and you'll be well on your way to the finish line.

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All About Bindings

Single or double-fold? Bias or straight-grain? Don't let all the options scare you! Discover the different types of bindings, where should you use them and why it matters.

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