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with Christina Cameli
Online Class

The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting

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Add exquisite visual interest to your quilts as you uncover the secrets of free-motion quilting your favorite designs. Author Christina Cameli guides you step by step, from identifying the basic structure of seven sophisticated design families to recreating motifs that have always inspired you. From eye-catching pebbles and beads-on-a-string to gorgeous emerging and echo designs, you’ll discover how to sketch and stitch dozens of variations to suit your personal style. Easily navigate tricky corners and tight spaces with expert layout tips, and find out how to stitch your designs in a straight line every time. Practice easy traveling techniques as you stitch lovely branching motifs, and achieve captivating complexity with an array of inspiring ideas to adapt the main designs. Finish your quilts in stunning style with this must-have resource for free-motion quilting!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h48m

Included in this Class

1. Nestled Designs

1. Nestled Designs

Meet quilting instructor and author Christina Cameli, then dive right into learning about nestled free-motion quilting designs such as pebbles. Christina demonstrates how to adapt your designs by adding stitch patterns inside the pebbles, and how to play with other nested shapes such as ovals, squares and triangles. You'll see how to recognize a nestled pattern within a completed quilt so you can re-create it in your own quilting!

2. Beads on a String Designs

2. Beads on a String Designs

Beads on a string is a low-stress, high-impact design that's fun to learn and modify. Christina walks you through the basic structure of the design with simple pebbles, asterisks and flowers, then shows how you can add apparent complexity by interlocking shapes or adding a few filler lines. Learn Christina's tips for tackling such designs on a larger quilt and see how to deconstruct the quilted designs from finished quilts that inspire you.

3. Emerging Designs

3. Emerging Designs

Christina demonstrates how emerging designs can "grow" across your quilt, with each new element sprouting like leaves between two others. Practice with a simple paisley or leaf shape, then add internal complexity with pebbles, spirals and s-curves. Christina shows how to work with these designs along an edge, and how to fill in any empty spaces between designs.