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Pictures to Pixel Quilts

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Caro Sheridan combines her love of photography and quilting in creating modern, transcendent quilts using pixelated photos. From choosing the right photo to final construction, Caro guides you step by step through the process. She shows you how to devise a custom template, sharing her formulas and spreadsheet secrets for mapping, color coding and calculating fabric needs and cut sizes. Her innovative color-block construction creates cutting-edge quilts that are sure to turn heads. Open your eyes to this innovative quilting technique; sign up for "Pictures to Pixel Quilts" today.

What you'll learn

* How to select the right photo for use in your quilt

* The art of pixelating a photo to maximum benefit

* To transfer pixelated photos onto spreadsheet or graph paper

* Formulas for calculating yardage and cut-size needs

* Tips for cutting, organizing and sewing blocks

What you'll make

* A quilt made from a custom template based on your own pixelated photo or

* A pixel-style quilt using Caro Sheridan’s template


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h46m

Included in this Class

1. Welcome to Your Free Mini-Class!

1. Welcome to Your Free Mini-Class!

Learn how to use your free Craftsy mini-class!

2. Introduction

2. Introduction

Meet Caro and learn about her unique and fun approach to colorful quilting. You're in for an adventure!

3. Selecting the Photo

3. Selecting the Photo

Learn the secrets to starting off with a great image before pixelating the photo with Caro's step-by-step guidance.