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Patchwork Nation

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Class Overview

The world of quilting brings together a colorful patchwork of perspectives and people. And much like a top, no two are exactly alike. In our five-part series Patchwork Nation, we dive into the seams of that colorful community, connecting with five talented, artistic quilters — each with very different takes on quilting, creativity, and as it would turn out, life.


  • intermediate
  • 5 episodes
  • 1h9m

Included in this Class

1. Sylvia Schaefer

1. Sylvia Schaefer

Think science and quilting couldn't be further apart? Well to Sylvia Schaefer, quilting's a science in itself. It's a way of making a hypothesis and setting out to find the right formula, knowing that no two of those formulas ever come out quite the same. In Episode One of "Patchwork Nation," we explore how a life in the lab ignited Sylvia's unexpected passion for the design and piecing, showing that the greatest inspiration often comes from the places we least expect.

2. Sherri Lynn Wood

2. Sherri Lynn Wood

To Sherri Lynn Woods, quilting isn't just a craft, it's a model for how we interact with the world. One look at her recycled improv quilts, and you'll see Sherri's interaction is a little different from most. Episode 2 of "Patchwork Nation" follows Sherri on a journey into her Oakland neighborhood, from the studio where she finds solace to the dump where she finds inspiration. It's a story all about living in the moment, and following the wonky, meandering pattern that we all call life.

3. Rachel Clark

3. Rachel Clark

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Rachel Clark's quilted garments pen their own novels. As a dressmaker, folk artist and quilter, she has cultivated a deep appreciation for telling stories through fabric. In Episode 3 of "Patchwork Nation" we explore how Rachel found her voice in quilting, using her needle and thread to weave tales of color, community and heritage.