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Every Kitchen Should Have One of These Quilted Bowl Holders

A quick and easy microwavable bowl cozy is a perfect holiday gift for a friend or for yourself! This reversible bowl cozy pattern will hold anything from small dinner bowls to large soup bowls.

reversible bowl cozy

This quick project provides insulation for your hands as well as your table top. It is even pretty enough to bring to any holiday table for serving. 

How to make a quilted bowl cozy

finished microwave bowl

What you need:

supplies needed for bowl
  • Two 10″ squares of 100 percent cotton batting
  • Two 10½” squares of 100 percent cotton fabric
  • Thread that is 100 percent cotton

All materials must be 100 percent cotton to be microwave safe.

Never use any polyester, rayon, nylon or metallic threads or fabrics or batting, as they will melt or catch fire. Please be certain of all fiber content before microwaving!

Step 1:

sew the layers

Place one of the batting squares on top of one of the fabrics, with the wrong side of the fabric square up. Sew two diagonal lines from corner to corner as shown. Repeat with the remaining squares of batting and backing.

Step 2:

fold sew and trim the corners

Fold the quilted square in half, right sides together and mark 1″ from the center fold on the side. Also mark 1½” from the edge along the center fold. Draw a line connecting these marks. Sew on the line and trim ¼” from the sewn line, as shown above. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 3:

refold and repeat

Refold the quilted square and repeat Step 2 on the remaining sides of the quilted square.

Step 4:

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the other quilted square, creating two exactly the same.

Step 5:

layer and pin both units

Layer the two quilted squares, right sides together, and pin near the trimmed seams on each side.

Step 6:

trim the corners

Place a ruler on one corner of the two layered quilted squares. Measure 1″ on the sewn seam. Cut along this line, removing the corner of the square. Repeat on all four corners.

Step 7:

sew around the outside

Sew ¼” seam all the way around the edge of the quilted squares. Leave an opening for turning the squares right side out.

Step 7:

pin the opening closed

Turn the piece right side out and pin along the edges. Pin the opening closed, tucking the raw edges into the seam allowance.

Step 8: 

sew around the edges

Topstitch ¼” around the entire edge of the bowl, securing the raw edges from the opening into the seam.

reversible bowl

The microwavable bowl cozy is now complete! Turn the bowl to either side for a completely reversible bowl cozy.

finished microwave bowl

More fun gift giving ideas:

  • Use seasonal fabric to celebrate any holiday, birthday or special event.
  • Make coordinating placemats and napkins for a coordinated table.
  • Pair a bowl cozy with a favorite soup recipe or jar of soup mix.
  • Give with a batch of homemade chili!
  • Don’t forget to make a few for yourself as well — you’ll be glad you did.


Tootie Kennedy

Can’t save this to favorites

C Theis

Took me multiple times but it finally put it in favorites. Maybe a glitch today.

Carol J Pickens

I don’t save to favorites. I click on Print and change the print option to PDF then save to a particular folder. Never had an issue doing it this way. Makes it easier to find later and you can always print it out later if you want. Also, you don’t have to be online to retrieve this pattern when you want it since it’s saved in a folder on your hard drive.

Robyn Baldwin

Thanks for the tip! Never would have thought of that.

B Keller

In step 6 you say to measure 1″ along the sewn seam, yet the picture shows 1.5″. Which is correct?


It’s 1″ up the open edge, from the fold. 1 1/2″ in from the open edge, along the fold.

Linda Culver

I’m still confused. What fold? It looks like it’s 1″ from corner of batting and 1 1/2″ from corner of fabric.

Peggy thomas

Fold the square in half, then measure one inch from the fold on the raw edge! And i measure 2 inches down on the folded side. Then open and refold the opposite way, and mark again.

Marie H

Peggy Thomas, Linda Culver refers to Step 6 in which you instruct how to measure and crop off corners, not measure and sew the darts. Please clarify as to whether to measure and cut 1″ like you instruct in your text or measure and cut 1 1/2″ like the picture for Step 6 shows. This is quite confusing.

Marie H

Peggy Thomas, Linda Culver refers to Step 6 in which you instruct how to measure and crop off corners, not measure and sew the darts. Please clarify as to whether to measure and cut 1″ like you instruct in your text or measure and cut 1 1/2″ like the picture for Step 6 shows. This is quite confusing.


It says 1″ on the SEWN seam, not from the fabric point. Since you’re only sewing the batting to the fabric and the batting is smaller than the fabric, just measure 1″ from the corner point of the batting.


The timing for this tutorial couldn’t have been more perfect! I needed a gift for my hubby and was wracking my brain over a useful but quick gift. This will be perfect made with his college colors! Thank you.


This was a good tutorial for the bowl cozy. I liked what you did with the corners. However, if you sew your seams 1/4” you should top stitch 1/8” to catch the seam you are trying close or you will miss it and have to hand sew it together. Been there and done it.

Darlene Osborn

Has anyone figured out a pan size 9×15 cozy? Have been trying to get one by using fat quarters. Any ideas?


I made some like this for TV dinners. Almost same size. I cut the fabric 1 inch loner on the width and length. You have to determine the depth by measuring the pan. So, for 9 x 15, but then you have to take into consideration the depth, ie, 4 inches. Therefore, add the depth to your measurements for your length and width. So for example, you would cut your fabric length 9+4 and width 15+4, or 22 by 19. Cut your batting 21.5 x 18.5. Sew together basically using the same method on this tutorial. You may have to adjust after you make the first one. Just a little trial and error. Hope this helps, good luck.


I made fourteen of these for Christmas this year! I’m gifting them with bowls, filled with pouches of microwaveable comfort foods like soup, oatmeal, mac & cheese, etc. It’s a great project!! Only thing I omitted was trimming of the corners. They look pretty trimmed (I’ll probably try one that way, too) but I also like the crisp, untrimmed look, plus the corners are good to grab onto when lifting a hot bowlful out of the microwave.


And I made these in Home Ec in 1976.

CJ Sorensen

I make lots of them

April Sodoski


data cat

Just made one from left over material. Half way through, I realized I was using polyester thread. Oops! First one turned out pretty good. Good project for Christmas afternoon.

Helen LeBrett

I made two for my daughter: thanks so much for the tutorial!!


Made these for xmas gifts this year ! Thank you SO MUCH for the post , it is detailed and lovely !!!!


I love these! Have just discovered them. So far I’ve made them without trimming the corners but I shall try this way as well.

Great gift idea!

Thank you.


Think of the 1 and 1 and half inch measurements as a dart, top of the dart is 1″ and end sewing at an angle to fold line 1 1/2″ from top. (I mKe my sauares 11 1/2 ” and make my darts 2 inches long.)that is a good size.

zena lawrence

I have made many bowl warmers with the pointed ends. Im going to try this pattern it may work better for me, a better finished product. Love these bowl warmers.

BJ Mackinnon

Microwave tested cotton fabric with cotton betting smouldered at 2:30 minutes and would have burst into flame at 2:55 minutes. These should not be advertised as anything but pot holders and have fire warnings.


If you put just the fabric alone in the microwave it will catch fire no matter what the fabric content. You need the liquid in the food to keep that from happening. I have also heard to not microwave for more than 8 minutes even with food and don’t use for back to back heating of different bowls without a cooling off period as the cozy will heat up too much. I have 2 that I use to avoid that problem. Bottom line…DON’T leave the room while your food is heating.

BJ Mackinnon

I made a test on microwave-ability ALL cotton fabric and batting, at 2:35 minutes it was smouldering, at 2:55 minutes it was about to burst into flame. These are NOT microwaveable… and must include a warning as such, please do not use the word microwave when gifting these to anyone!!!

Diane D Knott

I’ve been using mine for years without any problem as have many people I know.
Yours must have polyester thread or other fibers in it.


You must use cotton for everything, no metallic fabric. I used the Pellon batting made for this pattern, all cotton fabric and thread and have had no problems using it in the microwave.

Judy Sursely

First one I made for us as a start, to see how it would go together, hold up. Used 100% batting with no scrim, cotton thread, and material. Gets lots of use by my husband (haven’t made mine yet), so it needed to be washed. Did not hold any kind of shape, have to work it to get a bowl to sit correctly. NEXT time will sew the X, then from side to side, then do FMG of some kind, cut my batting 1/4″ shorter..Then we’ll see how it will wash. Good idea, one of those oh, my gosh how did we live with out…Thank you for the pattern.

Bev Code

i made these .. 4 for each of my DIL’s for xmas… now need to make some for myself and my mom


Big question debate: 100% cotton batting or wrap n zap (batting without scum).

Also. Use batting on both fabrics or one?

Many thanks


I’m using wrap and zap. Batting goes on both fabrics. Remember to use 100% cotton thread. Almost messed that part up! 🙂 There are other bowl patterns out there, but I like these instructions and the corners are much neater .

Leslie N. Taylor

I never put mine in the microwave


Great tutorial! Very easy to understand.

Debra Leist

I love the way the corners are trimmed, I’ve made plenty with the sharp corners. I think these will be popular for craft fairs. Thanks for the tutorial!


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